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#4660 - Missing License Validation Brought Down Environment

Closed Bug? created by Technology Advisors a year ago


In a SugarCRM environment, there was all of a sudden a large uptick in errors related to API calls, as well as a large uptick in usage on the server. So much so that the environment was taken offline by SugarCRM support due to the issues. The cause of the errors and usage issues was tracked back to the Fieldmask plugin, and it's licensing verification process and api calls. Once the environment was brought back online and the license was validated, it seems to have resolved the issue, but is this problem a know issue? Is there some kind of patch of update in the works? If not, I wanted to bring the issue to your attention.

Thank you! Chris

  1. synolia-primary-contact member avatar

    synolia Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for your feedback, we will look into it and improve the license validation with this use case.

    I do not have the exact timetable for this update but we can tell you as soon as it is available if you want.

    Best Regards, Laurent

  2. tlemotte member avatar


    a year ago

    I just wanted to add that the issue happened more than once after revalidating the license. About 2 weeks later the license became invalidated and took down our instance again.

    • synolia-primary-contact member avatar

      synolia Verified Purchase

      a year ago

      Thanks Chris. I saw that too and we fixed it in the latest package, which is just now available. Best Regards, Laurent

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