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Zendesk Integration for Sugar optimizes the collaboration between your sales and service teams. The solution uses the Make integration platform to give you great adaptability whenever you need it.

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360-Degree View

The 360-degree view, i.e. access to the customer context, is a great thing, but is all your customer data also available in a central location, for example in the CRM tool? What about customer service, for example, or the management of support tickets, which also contain important information?


Another support tool is often used for this, is Zendesk for example. This makes perfect sense, as it does indeed offer many great features and user experience for support teams. The disadvantage is that the information stored here is not visible in the CRM (360-degree view), but has to be entered manually or the information is not available. For this reason, we have developed a Zendesk integration for SugarCRM.

This means that all tickets that are recorded and processed in Zendesk also appear in Sugar for the corresponding contact/company. All important information such as status, priority, type and the conversation with the customer is transferred from Zendesk to Sugar. This also has the advantage that if you switch support tools, all information is stored in Sugar.

And colleagues from marketing or sales, who usually do not have Zendesk access, also have a view of the current service cases and can therefore interact much better with the customer because they know, about currently opened cases.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Create a ticket in Zendesk: The customer or a support employee creates a new ticket in Zendesk. A ticket is then automatically created in Sugar for the corresponding contact or account so that all information is available at a glance. The information that is transferred includes fields such as status, priority or type.
  • Linking the contact and company in Sugar to the ticket The contact and company are linked via the email address. If the contact has not yet been entered in Sugar, it can be created subsequently and will be linked to the corresponding ticket after saving.
  • Mapping of users: When the ticket is transferred from Zendesk, we link the correct user (service employee) in Sugar so that you know who is processing it.
  • Transferring Zendesk updates: To visualize changes to the ticket (status, priority, etc.), there is a separate module in Sugar called "Zendesk Logs", which displays the changes in the Sugar ticket.

In addition, all Zendesk "public reply" emails are transferred to Sugar in the form of notes with a checkbox for filtering. In this way, everyone can track the entire communication, both on Sugar and in Zendesk.

Overall, this ensures that all important information from customer service is recorded in the CRM tool, enabling the 360-degree view described above.


  • SugarCRM: The module is compatible with Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve. If you are on Sugar Enterprise (On-Premise) you need to contact us before you make the purchase to make sure we can support your stack, software version, configurations etc.
  • Zendesk: The module is compatible with Zendesk Support Team or higher. Zendesk API rate limits are plan dependent and must be considered in sizing.
  • Make: Make is the integration engine that connect thousands of software tools. Make API rate limits are plan dependent and must be considered in sizing.


Pricing starts at €590 yearly for the prebuilt Sugar module and software updates. Individual adaptations to the integration according to your requirements are optionally available. Make platform plan must be booked separately.

Free Consultation

Please get in touch with us for a free consultation and a demo. We can also help you setup up a trial. This way, you can be sure that the integration does exactly what you want.

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