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Field Service Management for SugarCRM, from Ambit, helps manage allocation of resources, accelerate ticket-response time, improve first-time-resolution, and offer efficiency enhancements that together improve customer satisfaction and higher revenues and profitability for you. Field Service Management can become the key pillar to customer retention, upsell and customer attraction.

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Accelerate Ticket-to-Invoice cycle

Customer Experience matters throughout the entire lifecycle of your customer. Arguably, it is most important when you’ve already won a customer and are in the process of serving them. It is way more expensive to win a new customer than to keep one. Happy customers buy more and refer you to new business.

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For some industries, customer service translates to ensuring the customer is served at their location – be it a fixed manufacturing plant or a broken-down earth-moving vehicle parked along some highway. The challenges you need to meet are: locating a qualified engineer at the quickest time, scheduling and dispatching the engineer with the right tools and spares, resolving the customer’s problem, collecting a signed digital record of the field report without delay, and dispatching an invoice where appropriate.

Ambit Software’s Field Service Add-on for SugarCRM helps you deal with these challenges, improving customer satisfaction, LTV, and even employee morale.

Ambit Field Service Management for SugarCRM has been created for industries that require onsite service. Examples are Heavy Equipment and Capital Equipment manufacturers, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning manufacturers, Healthcare Equipment manufacturers, and the process industry.

Core processes automated:

  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Customer Service and Appointments
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Revenue Performance Management

Solution Benefits:

  • More upsell in parts and, labor for additional revenue
  • Lower costs from optimized field service operations
  • Higher customer satisfaction from timely and more effective field services
  • Better cashflows from faster ticket-to-invoice cycles
  • Multi-language capabilities


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Compatible with Sugar versions 12 and up.

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  • Ambit Field Service Management – Professional at $50 USD per user per month.
  • Ambit Field Service Management – Premium at $80 USD per user per month.

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