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#3852 - Can you combine mask characters?

Closed General Question created by TotalSafetyIT Verified Purchase 4 years ago

I looked through your support documentation but I don't see any mention of being able to combine mask characters. For instance, I want to use "upper_first" in a name field to force users to enter the name beginning with a capital letter but I also would like to limit the character entry to only letters by using "à". Is this possible?

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hello, currently that i not possible by this way however you can create a mask which allows only upper letter.

    Regards, Synolia Support

  2. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    a year ago


    The latest package would allow you to do that with the Regex= feature.

    In your use case the mask could be : Regex=^([A-ZÇÁÀÃÄÉÈÊËÍÌÏÓÒÕÖÚÙÜÛÑ]{1})([a-zçáàãäéèêëíìïóòõöúùüûñ]*)$

    Best Regards, Laurent, Synolia Support

    PS: I am closing the case as it is an old one.

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