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The InterAction add-on for Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and Enterprise enables you to stay on top of your last communication with leads, contacts and accounts. This powerful tool allows you to see the date and time of the last interaction as a dashlet or list view to the Accounts, Opportunity and Leads modules.

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Stay Connected and Monitor all Last Communications with your Customers

The Last Interaction feature within SugarCRM was developed by Provident CRM for data-driven insights into interactions with prospects and customers. Increase your sales productivity by identifying leads that require follow up, receive automated notifications using SugarCRM's Process Definitions, and gain clarity on open opportunities that are more likely to close - without having to switch between different reports.

You can also search and filter each activity type individually and create a list of customers or prospects who haven't been contacted within a specific time frame. This way, you can proactively follow up and ensure you don't miss any sales opportunities. InterAction is an excellent resource for sales, customer service, and other customer-facing teams to create more meaningful touchpoints and deeper customer relationships.

Empower your teams to seize every opportunity

Manage accounts more effectively by using InterAction to nurture relationships with your customers and add value to your interactions. You can easily view all relevant information about any contacts, leads and accounts you haven't reached out to yet, making it simple to maintain meaningful touchpoints.



- Standard Dashlet Features:

See last interactions as a dashlet in the intelligence pane. Edit, refresh and remove it as any Sugar standard dashlet.

- Dashboard Integration:

Last InterAction is seamlessly integrated into Sugar CRM dashboards, providing a snapshot of recent interactions with accounts, including meetings, calls, and emails.

- Focus Drawer Functionality:

Users can expand on specific items within the dashboard for a more detailed view, including call overviews, related contacts, and scheduled calls.

- Leverage Last InterAction Fields:

See last emails, meetings or calls, accessible on account overviews, business card views, list views, and search features.

- Reporting and Business Process Integration:

The Last Interaction fields can be utilised within Sugar's reporting module and business process definitions, enabling data-driven insights and process optimisation.

- Opportunity Module Enhancement:

Last InterAction functionality extends to the Opportunity module, providing insights into interactions with both accounts and opportunities, facilitating effective opportunity management.

- Visual Indicators for Proactive Follow-ups:

Users are alerted to interactions older than 30 days, visually marked with a red dot, enabling proactive follow-up and management of stagnant opportunities.

- Filtering Capabilities:

The Last InterAction feature within the Opportunity module allows users to filter open opportunities based on when they were last contacted or not contacted at all, enhancing opportunity prioritisation and management.

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