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Visualize your CRM data! Integrate Google Maps with SugarCRM to see leads, contacts, and accounts on a map. Plan routes, optimize sales efforts. Effortless location intelligence.

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Enhance your sales operations with RT SalesMap. This plugin picks SugarCRM records from Accounts, Contacts, and Leads; and displays them as pins on Google Maps. The position of each pin is determined by the address associated with the record.Instead of searching through your database, you can have a visual representation of your customers and prospects, and where they are located.


Field Mapping

Users can map any field from a module to locate its records on RT Salesmap. Users can map street address fields, or latitude and longitude values. By default, Accounts, Contacts, and Leads are mapped according to their street address, but users can add or remove modules as they please. There is also an option to customize the tooltip which appears when a pin is clicked.

Filtered Search

Users can apply one or more filters on RT SalesMap when searching for records on the map. To get the locations of Contacts, Leads, or Accounts, users have to specify a module, and then the criteria they want to apply, which can be anything from names to specific city that they might want to search within. The filtered information can even be exported in a CSV file. If users click on a particular pin, a popup appears, in which they can click the name to go to the detail view of the record, or get directions to its location.

Pin Clustering

If multiple pins are in close proximity, a zoomed out view shows them as a cluster, with the number of pins in each cluster specified. Zooming in breaks down the cluster into smaller clusters, whereby pins are separated from each other. At the most granular level, there are no clusters, and pins are visible in their individual locations.

Radial Search

Users can enhance the features of Google Maps in SugarCRM with the radial search feature of RT SalesMap. Entering a location into the Postal Address field creates a pin on the map for that location. Then, based on the radius specified in the specific field, users can see a highlighted area on the map which may represent an area of interest. The radius can be set in both kilometers and miles, and for added convenience, with a simple toggle, the results shown can be limited to just those that fall within that radius.

Route Planning

Salespeople can not only see where the leads are located, they can plan their route and see how far they'll have to travel for their activities. The route planning feature enables users to add multiple locations to a list, and generate an optimized route based on that.

Address Validation

Sometimes, you may find dummy addresses recorded in your system. RT SalesMap helps you bypass this issue. It keeps a record of geocoded and non-geocoded addresses. You can see how many valid and invalid records are present in your system in the RT SalesMap dashboard.

RT SalesMap Documents

For a detailed guide on how to install and use RT SalesMap, please see the RT SalesMap documentation. You can also find the documentation and other details on our website.

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