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Increase your Sales instantly by using Sales Data Visualizer. RT SalesMap gives you a clean, transparent, and uncomplicated visual representation of your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts using Google’s powerful web browser mapping software right on your Sugar instance.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4817 Version Upgrade - Hi we are currently running the current version of Sugarcrm of 13.1.0 and soon to be 13.2.0. We have andrewloomes Open Feature
#4522 [2021-04-06T20:30:47+00:00] BUCKET => F: [Issue 1][incompatIntegration][517][Incompatible Integration - RT SalesMap v4.6.1] - Hi, We received a Health check message from Sugarcrm. Currently we are on RT Salesmap v4.6.1. an info91 Closed Installation
#4504 Incompatibility with the Versión 7.11.18 Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344) version - Good afternoon Please, I need a version of the module that is compatible with the version that I rapimports01 Closed Installation
#4492 RT SalesMap Package is not properly UnInstalled, Installing it now can cause conflict with previous files, Click Continue to Install! - During upgrading 4.5 to 4.6 I have following message: RT SalesMap Package is not properly UnInstalle info91 Closed Installation
#4458 RT sales map app - We are unable to create a trip either from the smart phone of the computer. On the phone it just ke4 andrewloomes Closed Bug?
#4401 RT SalesMap for Sugar 10 - "The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar:" Does RT SalesMap work TCP-CRM Closed Installation
#4360 System Administrator Users vs. Regular Users - Hello - Despite enabling access for our users, only System Administrator users are able to view t astryker Closed Bug?
#4359 Manually Upload Geo-Coded Addresses - Hello - We have too many geocodes to efficiently wait for the system to apply; nearly 750K contac astryker Closed General Question
#4348 Error "Insuffient number of user licenses. Please add additional user licenses and try again." - Hi Support i am getting the same issue as #4333. I downloaded the latest build. We are currentl New Age Veneers Closed Bug?
#4333 Insufficient number of user licenses - My company has purchased 15 RT SalesMap Licenses. Currently, we have 11 users assigned. However, w ronhicks Closed Bug?
#4250 Dropdown filters - Hi Support I have found that the filters for RT Sales Map does not seem to work in the same way a Evolution Marketing Closed Bug?
#4244 Map not rendering - We recently installed RT sales map. The install process is straightforward, however, the map is not laneedwards Closed General Question
#4212 Installer not compatible with Sugar 9.1 - When are we going to have a compatible release for Sugar 9.1? nleoncio Closed General Question
#4091 Sugar 9 - Is this Sugar 9 compatible? kalexander Closed General Question
#3977 Map not showing data - Hi We have installed RTSalesMap, however it does not appear to be working. If we do a simple filt keith2 Closed Installation
#3942 Map loaded but not showing anything and is showing "for development purpose only" - I updated google api and map is also loaded but is not showing any data and showing" For devel shaveekapoor Closed Bug?
#3941 The Map does not Load - Installed the trial version to evaluate the add-on. After completing the installation steps and sett Toradex AG Closed General Question
#3935 Scheduled Job remains after uninstall? - Hello RT Team, we evaluated RT Sales Map on a test environment in the cloud. Now after uninstallin thdillinger Closed Bug?
#3877 Version for Sugar 8.0 - ETA - Hi, We have a customer using 8.0 Ent , when is the module finally going to be available for 8.0? mhoffmann Closed General Question
#3874 GeoCoding seems not to work - Hello, I cannot get Leads Geo-Coded. So I don't see any on the maps. SChedulers are running f thdillinger Closed Bug?
#3839 Can't get to work. - Hi, I installed this RT SalesMap and went to get the API and it's not working. I followed th 1rtnkid Closed Installation
#3751 Sugar 8 - Just checking to see when this will be ready for Sugar 8? thanks! amyf Closed General Question
#3749 SuiteCRM - Hi, I started a free trial without thinking that I have SuiteCRM. Does this add-on work with s brian6 Closed General Question
#3705 Fehler Directions not found, This may be due to Missing/Invalid Address or multiple results are found for the given address(s).\nPlease try entering more precise addresses - Fehler Directions not found, This may be due to Missing/Invalid Address or multiple results are foun danieljordan Closed Bug?
#3695 RT Salesmap for Sugar on demand version 8.0 - Hi- is there a release of RT Salesmap for Sugar 8.0? We are currently running RT Salesmap 4.2 on S anthonyfirefly Closed Installation
#3686 Need to Upgrade RT Sales Map for Our SugarCRM - Need to Upgrade RT Sales Map for Our SugarCRM johncap_api Closed Installation
#3641 unable to apply license after installation - Hi Rolustech, I have recently installed the latest version of RT SalesMap into on of our Clients Evolution Marketing Closed Bug?
#3614 Installation failed due to an invalid file extension - Hi Support, I have just tried to install into our clients SugarCRM Ente Evolution Marketing Closed Installation
#3606 Error when i try to validate. - Hi, when i try to validate it gives me this messagge: ![Cattura.PNG](https://www.sugaroutfitters. fnorelli Closed Bug?
#3573 Compatibility with SugarCRM v7.11 - Hi Rolustech, One of our clients who uses this plugin has just recently had their on-demand insta Evolution Marketing Closed General Question
#3505 Cannot View Map - Hello, We recently install this to SugarCRM. However, when we went to search for accounts and vie tposugarcrm Closed Installation
#3498 RT Sales Map - Config Page not Appearing - Hi Support. So we've installed the plugin to our ondemand instance, loaded it via module loa ronizzle Closed Bug?
#3437 RT Sales Map Error - After Installing the RT Sales Map Package using the Module loader i was able to see the RT Sales Map nagarajub Closed Bug?
#3422 RT SalesMap User config stuck at 'run a repair' - Hi, We have the RT Sales Map version 3.0.2 installed for a client. When I enter 'RT SalesMap redk CRM Solutions Ltd Closed Bug?
#3393 Upgrade to 7.9 - Sugar has notified us that our instance is having issues upgrading to due to incompatibility ewikander Closed General Question
#3379 Please Cancel - I see no option other than to create a case to CANCEL the service. Please cancel ASAP! lauralbrooks Closed General Question
#3351 Errors after install - I getting the following errors after installing the RT SalesMap module. Sugarcrm Warning jslaugh Closed Bug?
#3281 Non Geo Coded Accounts - Hi, I installed the trial version and Non Geo Coded Accounts = Accounts. I have 3098 Accounts and i pranavjairam Closed Bug?
#3263 Sugar 7.9 - Hello - Sugar is trying to upgrade my instance and is having trouble doing so due to RT Maps. Pleas bryan2 Closed General Question
#3242 Good API Key - I created an API Key within Google but sugar is telling me that it is invalid. Any help is apprecia bryan2 Closed Installation
#2982 Plugin requesting to boost license count even though only licensed number enabled - Hi Support, I am raising this on behalf of one of our clients. They are licensed for 8 RT Sale Evolution Marketing Closed Bug?
#2760 Not geo-coding accounts / contacts - I have gone through the installation process but the RT sales map is not showing any accounts on the erfanchowdhury Closed Installation
#2728 After instaling RT Sales there is a database problem by clicking "Userr Settings"? - After instaling RT Sales there is a database problem by clicking "Userr Settings"? I use hka Closed Bug?
#2578 Not geo-coding accounts / contacts - For Chasetek, the license validates, but I think something is still wrong here? There is no geo=cod Fenix Net Solutions Closed Bug?
#2429 No Pins after Installation to Sugar On Demand Instance 7.x - After installation to our Sugar On Demand instance this morning, I am still not able to view pins on jordan Closed Bug?
#2409 Cronjob setup - Hello, I have installed RT SaleMaps and cronjob was setup by default as " Calculate Latitude it12 Closed General Question
#2403 Cancellation - I've already sent through a cancellation and yet you have bill us again. Please cancel this ernestb Closed Bug?
#2402 Error on map after install - Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript co FlashGordon14 Closed Bug?
#2286 RT SalesMap won't load - Hello, I just installed the RT_SalesMap trial on my Sugar 7.2 instance...I successfully activated jcarter Closed Bug?
#2278 Removed Instance due to Account Issue - We've had to shelve use of RTSalesMap as it was interfering with custom code that we've de jasonmpress Closed Bug?
#2089 Fatal error - We believe this plugin is causing many errors and are concerned about the potential repercussions. lauralbrooks Closed Bug?
#2015 The system does not pull address information - Dear sir, I have on trail of the software. I have installed as your installation guide instruct. Takuji Sekimoto Closed Installation
#1982 map not displaying in google chrome (windows) - Works on mac (chrome, firefox, safari) and pc (firefox, IE) but not on chrome. Please advise - is t lauralbrooks Closed Bug?
#1977 Its been a few days and still very few geocoded contacts/accounts. - Error log shows lots of failures and exceeded daily API calls. What can be done to address? yamilhernandez Closed General Question
#1945 Map not loading accounts - Hi there, I installed the RT SalesMap and it is not showing any of our accounts. The Scheduler ra pm Closed Bug?
#1943 error when installing Sales Map - Receiving error message: ZIP Error(0): Status(0): Archive(upload://RT Direc pm Closed Bug?
#1938 Contacts geocoded properly but not showing - everything seems to have installed properly in my on-premise instance of Sugar 7.6. Addresses geocod paulhandly Closed Installation
#1920 Incompatible Googlesalesmaps - Forthcoming Security Patch - Upgrade needed - Hello, I received the following note from sugar crm. "I was evaluating your instance  New Age Veneers Closed Bug?
#1873 Only requires for sales users - Hi, As your license is per user, can we buy just for our sales users please? Do you have a per ins Vincent Closed General Question
#1832 Customer's purchasing volume - With RT SalesMap, can I have a visual mapping of my customers with their purchasing volume? stpierred Closed General Question
#1740 Not mapping - Installed plugin on Friday. Set cron job. It is now 3 days later - no mapped points. lauralbrooks Closed Bug?
#1617 Errors in SugarCRM Instance Coming from RT SalesMap - Since Installing RT SalesMap we are seeing the following error. We are getting about 100 / hour. raysparks Closed Bug?
#1563 What type of fields work as filters for Sugar Maps? - Hello, I want to know what fields are compatible to use as filters in Sugar Maps? Any multi-se New Age Veneers Closed General Question
#1530 GeoCode Not Updating - I installed the RT Sales Map for our instance of Sugar (version earlier today and created t ewikander Closed Bug?
#1426 License Key - When I click the link to take me to the license key verification page nothing happens. Same with th cepower Closed Installation
#1415 Creating Target Lists - Is there a way to create a target list based on your map query? Meaning, can I create an exportable anthony1 Closed Feature
#1382 Not Mapping - I have run the scheduler for mapping the lat and long of the records several times and they are stil anthony1 Closed Bug?
#1355 Cannot Convert Leads - We're having issues converting leads. Sugar support wrote back saying: "The issue that marcio Closed Bug?
#1340 Sales Map Troubleshootimg - Hello, I have some concerns; 1. When I create filters one of my fields does not show results. New Age Veneers Closed General Question
#1333 interested in tool, need more than 1000 records at a time - Very interested in the tool but I noticed that the API is limited to 1000 look-ups daily. We deal wi rbins Closed General Question
#1308 No results show in Map - Hello There are no results in the map. And there is no blue button in the right corner above &quo so_removed_15 Closed Bug?
#1280 Suggested Map features - Hi there, Features I would find beneficial are; - Able to filter map by the radius function ie New Age Veneers Closed Feature
#1277 Assistance in Installing the Google SalesMap - Hello, My name is Kessara Mean and I work for the American College. I'm using a free trial o kessaramean Closed Installation
#1266 Sales Map Troubleshooting - Hi there, My Sales Map has now installed correctly following an licenses validating problem but I New Age Veneers Closed Bug?
#1247 View Render Failed - Just loaded version 7.5. Upon trying to load a map, I received the error msg of "view render f leethompson Closed Bug?
#1244 Not geo-coding and can't save if leads checked - I'm using sugar pro Version (Build 1070). I been able to install the module SalesMa antoinestpierre Closed Bug?
#1243 Will not install - Error msg below. Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo leethompson Closed Bug?
#1188 Sugar 7.5 not working - Hi, I get to the stage of validating my license key and the plug in will not 'save settings New Age Veneers Closed Bug?
#1168 All Information showing as non-geocoded - The module installed correctly but I am not seeing any contact information on the map due to none of jodyici Closed General Question
#1143 Google Sales Map unable to add license key - I have sugarsuite and uploaded SalesMap and I am unable to add the license anywhere madeinusa Closed Bug?
#1046 Nothing is showing. Non-Geo Coded Contacts and Accounts show the same number as Total Contacts and Accounts - I haven't seen anything appear on the Sales Map yet. When I go into the admin settings, I see mattlilly Closed Bug?
#997 Where are the Opportunities? - I don’t see the Opportunities Module as a map able Module. We have plenty of Opps that ne mattlilly Closed Feature
#863 Geocode - How do i geocode items in your application? ryan.zemmer Closed Bug?
#856 Non Geo Coded Items - I have downloaded this module, but it is showing that most of my leads, contacts, and accounts are n ryan.zemmer Closed General Question
#830 No information showing up! - I installed salesmap and followed all of the instructions but none of the locations are showing up o erin Closed Bug?
#808 Price - Hello. Question about price. I must buy license for all users SugarCRM? Or I can buy license for use igaryan Closed General Question
#787 No Pinpoints are shown - I have installed the Sales map on a Demo machine for a potential customer, but I do not get any pinp Björn Canales Closed General Question
#733 disabling Google Maps - I have paid for and used your Google Maps ap for months and LOVE IT. Unfortunately, we currently hav ryan.zemmer Closed General Question
#698 Link to other custom modules - Hi, Is it possible to link the Map to other custom modules? Thanks grichmond Closed Feature
#688 Not able to make it work - Hi, I installed this mod but i get this error message when I view the sales map tab == Warn kartik Closed Installation
#687 Pin Points Not Showing Up - SugarCRM OnDemand Professional, Version 7.2.1 (Build 1096) Installed just fine, scheduler says th marcio Closed Bug?
#674 Am I missing something? - I have enabled accounts, leads and contacts in the user settings. However, when I try to map anythin kclark Closed General Question
#638 Search by Date Range? - I do not see a way to filter my search by data range. Is that possible? bcooper Closed Feature
#633 Do you need to have matching licenses? - Hello, if you have 5 users of Sugar, must you buy 5 users of Google SalesMap? Or can only 2 of the 5 BrainSell Closed General Question
#632 Google SalesMap 7.2 - Installation Failed - File Issues: SugarModules/modules/rt_maps/GMaps.php Invalid usage of a function simplexml_load_fil bcooper Closed Bug?
#623 Map - My leads are not showing up on the map. Do they have to be assigned to me in order for them to show? cbrewer Closed General Question
#610 Use with Iphone, mobile CRM - Our main purpose would be to use this with our outside sales force while on the road. Does the prog markandco Closed General Question
#608 Availability for 6.7.5 On Demand - I am on 6.7.5 On Demand and the will not work for that. Will this be kclark Closed Bug?
#606 Leads/contacts/accounts not geo mapping + do not see my custom dropdown/multiselect fileds in settings - Hi Version: 7.2 sugarondemand As per my conversation with one of your developer before i subsc kenny Closed Bug?
#593 Won't install in 6.7.5 OnDemand - Attempted to install package on SugarCRM 6.7.5 Professional, hosted on Sugar's OnDemand platfor Profiling Solutions Closed Installation
#587 Doesn't work on SugarCRM 7.2 - Hi guys, The addon doesn't seem to work on SugarCRM 7.2. We get a javascript error of " grichmond Closed Bug?
#538 OnDemand SugarCRM 7 - Does this work with the SugarCRM 7 OnDemand version? Acute Data Systems Closed General Question
#492 Test key - Hi, I need test trial key for Google SalesMap for Sugar 7. Rolustech Closed General Question
#463 Sugar 7? - Hello, are you upgraded for Sugar v7 yet? BrainSell Closed General Question
#320 Module Loader/Install Issue - Hi, For some reason, the zip file will not install/load via module loader. I am using Sugar On D catmagnet Closed Installation
#167 feature - Hi I need a module like Google SalesMap but the most important feature for us is the possibility for Sugar-project Closed Feature
  • "Hi raysparks, Thank you for your feedback. * The errors you are facing maybe due to some compatibility issues. We have followed up with you on this ..." - Rolustech

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