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#1275 - Cannot initiate a re-sync. Health page loads indefinitely/times out.

Closed Bug? created by fareedjreisat 7 years ago

I recently sync'd 14 MailChimp lists from MailChimp to Sugar. I had to stop the sync midway. I subsequently deleted the Target Lists that were created in Sugar.

Now I'm trying to sync a Target List from Sugar to MailChimp, and I cannot get the records to carry over to MailChimp. It has been hours. I notice the Target Lists that I deleted from the initial syncs have been recreated, and I have to re-delete them. It's as if SugarChimp is prioritizing the previously unfinished jobs even though I deleted those lists. I have also tried not deleting the lists and emptying out the MailChimp list field, but that is not working either.

How can I stop SugarChimp from trying to import these MailChimp lists so I can move on and sync my new Target List to MailChimp?

When I go to the MailChimp health status page, all the field data is blank and it just says "Loading..." until it eventually times out.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.


  1. fareedjreisat member avatar


    7 years ago

    I just disabled the SugarChimp scheduler as it will not stop re-creating Target Lists that I've already deleted from Sugar.

  2. fareedjreisat member avatar


    7 years ago

    I'm really having a hard time building a framework for an organized email campaign with SugarChimp because I'm still confused about certain things.

    Let me just walk you through it and hopefully you can shed some light on all of this for me....This has taken a lot of my time and we're still not up and running yet.

    The idea started as...We have about 25,000 existing Contacts in Sugar that we wanted to sync to MailChimp for a more organized, automated company email campaign. These Contacts are previous customers, some sold, some not. The Contacts module is kind of our parent module in Sugar (we don't use Accounts).

    Then I learned that additional email addresses have no compatibility/functionality with SugarChimp. This wasn't acceptable, so I devised a workaround to use the Target module (previously unused by us) as our "email campaign module." The plan was to make an individual Target record for each email address a Contact had. For example, if Mike Jones (Contact) has 2 email addresses he would have 2 separate Target records in the sync'd SugarChimp list.

    Now, when I'm done building this big Target List in Sugar and I sync it to MailChimp....When stuff gets updated on the MailChimp side, and is then updated in Sugar, it's only going to update the Target record, right, since the Target List would only have Target records linked to it? Basically I'm afraid of SugarChimp updating the Contact records and overwriting the email1 field, since that is all it can sync to.

    Does that make sense??

  3. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Hi Freddy, this is certainly something that SugarChimp is equipped to do. I'm sorry you've spent a lot of time on this. I know how frustrating that can be. I think a quick call would resolve all of your issues.

    I'm going to reach out over email to get something scheduled. It's way past our hours right now, but certainly there is a time we can find to get this cleared up. Be looking for my email. Thanks for your patience!

  4. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    We were able to clear this up over a screenshare. Closing the case. Thanks!

  5. janin member avatar


    4 years ago

    I having a problem who is looking nearly the same with sugar and sugarchimp

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