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#2398 - MailChimp Activity under contact do not display 'Click' events

Closed General Question created by estherprats 6 years ago

Under the MailChimp activity Dashlet for a contact I can see 'Opened' and 'Sent' activities but I can see any 'Click' activity. Under the SugarChimp activity tab I can see actions for open urls for the same contact. Should the dashlet display information on contacts opening urls?

  1. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    6 years ago

    Hello Esther,

    It is interesting that you are seeing opens in conjunction with URLs. Those activities coming from MailChimp should be Click activities with URLs. If they are Open activities, then our dashlet doesn't expect to have URLs to include in the information. Can you take a screenshot of the SugarChimp Activity tab as well as a MailChimp subscriber that has opens with URLs attached?


  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    Have you since been able to find the SugarActivities for clicks and URLs? Is there anything else I can do for you at this time?

  3. estherprats member avatar


    5 years ago


    We can see a coupe of 'Click' activities now. Thanks

    we have another issue since we installed SugarChimp. we have an application that use the REST API to return a search. The application run periodically but now it fails a few times with a 'The access token provided is invalid" error message. After restarting the application it will run again for a while. Can this we linked to SugarChimp somehow? We have not introduce any other change in the system.


  4. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    I'm glad your Activities are populating appropriately. In regards to your search application, it looks as though your token to connect to Sugar has expired. You will need to make an API call to get a new one. The link for how to do that is here: Sugar Authenticate

    Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.

  5. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    I'm going to close this case out now. Thanks!

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