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#4647 - Not syncing from Mailchimp to SuiteCRM

Closed General Question created by ebogaard Verified Purchase 7 months ago

What I'm trying to make happen, is the following: 1. There are +/- 1600 contacts in MailChimp. 2. These Contacts should all be available in SuiteCRM as well (possibly some missing). Many more Contacts in the CRM are available, which should not sync. 3. I've left the TargetList empty in the hope that the MailChimp=>SuiteCRM sync would match the Contacts in the CRM to the ones in MailChimp and add them to the TargetList.

After installing SugarChimp, connecting the list in SuiteCRM to the MailChimp audience and setting up the field mapping: no contacts are syncing from mailchimp to suitecrm. I've tried re-syncing, but I only get multiple entries of the following errors:

2022-05-02T14:48:12+0200 [113167][1][FATAL] SugarChimp:fatal:1651495692: SugarChimp_Queue::queue_mailchimp_subscribers: There was no batch data to import to Sugar from MailChimp for list 8c7e7xxxx

The other way does seem to work if I add a Contact to the targetlist in SuiteCRM: thta jobs is completed and I can see the Contact in MailChimp.

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    7 months ago

    Happy to help. To confirm, when you mention trying a re-sync, are you queuing a Mailchimp to Suite re-sync from the Health Status page? If you manually add a record in Mailchimp, do you see that record sync to Sugar as expected?

    Can you navigate to the list you're syncing in Mailchimp and tell me if a Webhook appears? You can check this by following the steps below:

    1. From within Mailchimp, click Audience
    2. Under Current audience, select the name of the list you're syncing
    3. Using the Manage Audience dropdown on the right-hand side, select Settings
    4. Click Webhooks at the bottom of the page

    This webhook should be active and should exactly match the webhook that appears in SugarChimp's Health Status page within your CRM.

    Thanks for your help in troubleshooting.

    Best, Heidi

    • ebogaard member avatar

      ebogaard Verified Purchase

      7 months ago

      Just manually created a new contact in MailChimp, to test if that works. I can see the call to the webhook firing and the contact is created in the CRM, so the webhook is set up correctly.

      [03/May/2022:09:27:49 +0200] "POST /index.php?module=SugarChimp&entryPoint=SugarChimpWebhook HTTP/1.1" 200 659 "-" "MailChimp"

      I've tried executing the initial sync for the existing contacts in different ways: 1. Going through "Sync settings" and enabling the "Yes, sync these MailChimp subscribers to Sugar"-option. The saving all with teh "Save and Sync"-button. 2. Triggering a re-sync from the status-page.

      In both cases, I can see " * job pending " at the status page. Which then leads to the error message in the log I put in my first message. After that error message is shown, the value of the pending actions changes to 0.

  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    7 months ago

    Thanks for confirming this. I think we would benefit from some debug logs to get a few more details.  Can you follow the steps below and send along the logs that appear to

    1. From within SuiteCRM Admin, navigate to the Health Status page.
    2. Using the Logger Level drop-down, select Debug
    3. Using the re-sync drop-down for this list, queue a re-sync from Mailchimp to Sugar.
    4. Let the scheduler run.
    5. Send over the logs that appear.
    6. When completed, you can return the logger level to normal.

    Please let me know if you have any trouble.

    Best, Heidi

  3. ebogaard member avatar

    ebogaard Verified Purchase

    6 months ago

    Fixed by renaming the e-mail field in MailChimp to "Email Address".

    Filed a request to make this fieldname more flexible, as not everyone in the world speaks English and would like to have a localized form to show their users.

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