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#3477 - SugarChimp and Gravity Forms with Sugar Feed

Closed Bug? created by courtney 4 years ago

Since I've installed SugarChimp and synced with MailChimp my automated Sugar Feed from my WordPress site using Gravity Forms and a plugin called "Gravity Forms CRM Add-On", which I've never had issues with, is now not saving the user emails into my Sugar instance. Not sure if this is a conflict or incorrect setup.

  1. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    4 years ago

    Hello Courtney,

    Sorry for the trouble, but I'm happy to help figure out what's going on. The only time I've heard of an issue like this is when Sugar has a workflow setup on creation of new Contacts or Leads. That, mixed with the api calls to create new records in Sugar, has caused a bug where new records are created without an email address. Could that be going on here? Do you have any workflows running currently?

    Thanks, Jon

  2. courtney member avatar


    4 years ago

    Great, thanks, Jon, we do have a process running in our Leads module. It's a Round Robin lead assignment. What can we do from here?

  3. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    4 years ago

    The first thing to try is to set a delay on that process to make it run 5 seconds after the Lead is created. It sounds silly, but it allows the creation of the Lead to work properly, including the email address, and then will run the process to do your Round Robin lead assignment.

    Let me know how that works for you.

    Thanks! Jon

  4. courtney member avatar


    4 years ago

    Jon, that worked. Unfortunately, the delay is much longer than I'd like. The smallest delay I can create is 1 minute. Now I just need to make sure that those leads are populating MailChimp correctly.

    Thank you! Courtney

    • fanatical_jon member avatar

      Jon S Provider

      4 years ago

      Hi Courtney,

      Glad it's working now! They must have changed that in the last few patches, because the workflow used to run on 1 second delays. I know that's not ideal, but it is out of our control. I'm going to go ahead and close out this case for now. Let me know if you have any questions about the new Leads pushing over to MailChimp.

      Cheers! Jon

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