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#4495 - Cleaned emails not synced as invalid

Closed Bug? created by Toradex AG Verified Purchase 2 years ago

Hi, With our recent campaign, emails that were cleaned in MailChimp still show to be valid in Sugar. When do the cleaned emails get synced? Please check the screenshot here -

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Happy to help. We grabbed cleaned emails once every 24 hours. It looks like this campaign was sent yesterday. Can you wait about 24 hours from when this campaign was sent and then look again to see if this email is marked as invalid in Sugar?

    Thanks! Heidi

  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Hello there,

    We haven't heard from you regarding the issue in a few days. Is there anything we can help with?

    Let me know how I can help.


    Fanatical Labs Support

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