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#704 - No Account Integration?

Closed Feature created by scottc 9 years ago

I've added several custom fields to SuiteCRM's Accounts. I need these fields to integrate with MailChimp so that I can segment my list and send targeted email campaigns based on the information in these custom fields.

I was surprised to see the Field Mappings screen only has Contacts, Targets, and Leads and does not have Account field mappings. SugarChimp will not work for my organization if I can not map these custom account fields.

I see under my Target Lists that there is an Accounts section, but when I Select an Account with a name and email, it is not pushing up to mailchimp like the Targets, Contacts, and Leads do.

Am I doing something wrong, or does Account integration need to be added?

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago

    Hi there, there are a couple ways you can approach this:

    1) You could have multiple target lists in SuiteCRM that represent each segment. You would then populate the lists on the SuiteCRM side and you would have each individual list in MailChimp through the integration.

    2) You could create those same custom fields on the Contacts/Targets/Leads modules, setup your workflows so that when ever the related Account field changes, update the related Contacts/Targets/Leads with the data. Then you would use the Field Mapper to map the fields on the Contacts/Targets/Leads modules. This way you could have a single Sugar Target List and you could do your segmenting in MailChimp.

    Would one of these work for you?

    • scottc member avatar


      9 years ago

      1) The first option doesn't work well because as Account data changed, we would have to remember to remove the contact from the appropriate target list. For example, one of our custom fields is Product, which is a drop down that tells us if they use Product A or Product B. If they upgrade from Product A to Product B, we would not only have to change that value on the Account, we would also have to remember to remove them from the Target List for Product A to the Target List for Product B.

      2) Option 2 works, but is just a lot of re-work in the system, data migration, and duplication of data. If an account has 100 contacts, I don't need to know to know they are on Product A 100 times. Additionally, many of our accounts have contacts that are 3rd parties for the account. These 3rd parties are not our clients, but we need to work with them to support our clients. So we need to know their contact info, but the custom account fields don't apply to them.

      Since accounts have an email address as part of the account, I would think it should be integrated with MailChimp just like Contacts, Leads, and Targets are.

      Is Account integration on the SugarChimp development roadmap?

  2. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins Verified Purchase

    9 years ago

    Scott followed up on this via email. To close the loop and the case, we currently do not support Account syncing, but it's something that we will eventually support, however there is not timeline associated with this feature.

    If this feature is important to you, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

  3. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago

    Account syncing is now supported as of version 7.0.16. I just wanted to post here for everyone following this case. Simply upgrade to the latest version to start syncing Accounts!

  4. cytan member avatar

    Kwek Jian Wen

    7 years ago

    This is strange. I have ever used Account syncing during the very first time when I started using it besides Contact, Target and Lead. But recently I only realized there isn't account syncing option anymore. Has it been taken out again? Why?

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