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#3362 - Network / Firewall problem in highly secured environment

Closed Installation created by ITS4U Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Dear team, We're currently setting up SugarChimp on a Sugar 7.9 on premise instance. The server is tightly secured and we get an error wessage during the prechecks: "Unable to reach Mailchimp, code 0, time out... " We suspect that the Sugar server cannot reach both Sugaroutfitters for license validation and Mailchimp for account setup.

Would you be so kind as to specify the specific firewall configuration that is recommended? Whitelisted URLs, ports...

Thanks in advance, Damien & the ITS4U team

  1. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Damien,

    Thanks for reaching out. As you've said, it seems that you are unable to reach MailChimp for api calls, and possibly SugarOutfitters for licensing. You need to be able to send outbound requests to: - - *

    That should let you get through the setup steps appropriately. However, you will also need to be able to receive inbound requests from MailChimp webhooks. Per their support, they have an ip range for those calls that include: - - - -

    Are you behind a proxy of any kind? We have special proxy configuration if that is the case. We can discuss that as well. Let me know how far that gets you.

    Kind Regards, Jon

  2. ITs4U member avatar

    ITS4U Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Hello Jon,

    Thanks for the info! The outbound requests are already allowed to * & *, but we are indeed behind a proxy. I was not aware of any extra configuration for SugarChimp, I configured the proxy using SugarCRM administration->System Settings, but I'm still getting this error.

    Can you describe me the special configuration that needs to be done? In the meantime I will ask the IT team to grant access to the IP you mentioned, and allow them to perform inbound requests.

    Thanx again,

    Christopher & the ITs4U Team

    • fanatical_jon member avatar

      Jon S Provider

      5 years ago

      Hello Christopher,

      We are working on updating some documentation on this process as it is becoming more and more necessary. Are the outbound requests going through the proxy, or inbound requests are hitting a proxy before coming to Sugar? These settings are only for outbound proxy setups. You can update the config quickest through the browser console. In SugarCRM, just right-click and inspect the page. From the console tab, run this command:'get',SUGAR.App.api.buildURL('SugarChimp/setting/outbound_proxy/'),{},{});

      Change the "" to the appropriate outbound proxy and you should get to the outside world.

      If that still does not get what you need, then check that works the same as * I've seen where the double asterisks were needed, even though it seems counter-intuitive. Let me know how it goes.

      Best Regards, Jon

  3. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello again,

    I've just noticed that markdown is ruining my asterisks. If you are still not working, I was going to suggest trying to add: "asterisk".*asterisk" to your acceptable domains.

    Let me know.


  4. fanatical_jon member avatar

    Jon S Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Christopher,

    I know that you've got another support case above that is related to a secured customer instance.

    I am going to close this case out now. If you have any further questions you are welcome to reply here or to your new support case.

    Cheers! Jon

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