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Create documents in docx, xlsx (MS Office Word and Excel), odt, ods (LibreOffice and OpenOffice) and pdf format without MS Office or others plugins installed from any module and subpanel using templates.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4636 2.5.16 update - Hello, 'm still experiencing this bug 2.5.16 - Bug [Premium version only] . When i see the cha fvtrier Closed General Question
#4620 download newest version - Hello, we are still running 2.5.1 premium edition. Where do I download the latest version? adamklein Closed Installation
#4569 Use Conditional display and Sorting formulas - Hi, We are trying to apply some of the filters and sorting formulas that appears in the Manual of sinergiacrm Closed General Question
#4362 When will it suppor v9? - WHen will this be upgraded to support v9? ldevin2 Closed General Question
#4246 Does it work with Sugar 9.x? - Hi, Does your module work with Sugar Pro/Ent 9.x Thanks in advance Regards Malcolm mhoffmann Closed General Question
#3915 Unable to Generate Document for multiple records from the List view. - When selecting multiple records in the list view and selecting to Generate Document, it only creates PaulWeller Closed General Question
#3893 pulling info from related fields - Hi, I'm trying to create a document that pulls the contact information for the contacts liste adamklein Closed General Question
#3880 Template cannot update after save - Hi, I can create a template and save, but docx file cannot update and save in template. I checked PH thomastangca Closed Bug?
#3716 Creating a document with two tables next to each causes weird PDF export - Create a MS Word document, create two tables and position them right next to each other. Then exp josh2 Closed General Question
#3571 Need to talk to a technical sales person - I need to speak to somebody who can describe how the product works in context of using mail merge wi Jkincaide Closed General Question
#3533 Attach to Email function not working - SuiteCRM 7.9.9 self hosted on Ubuntu 14.04 PHP 7.0.27 Libre Office Executable installed and workin mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#3476 Images Do not display on Header after 1st page - Whenever I mail merge a document that has images in the header, the images do not appear after the f josh2 Closed General Question
#3469 Only some documents generated when selecting multiple rows from ListView - I have a document that no matter how many I select on the ListView, only outputs some of the rows, n josh2 Closed General Question
#3163 more relations between tables - Is it possible to work with, for example: company, related opportunities and: related tasks to oppor ht Closed General Question
#3160 Issue when uninstalling MailMergeReports-Premium-v2.5.5-Sugar_6.5-7.6 on SuiteCRM 7.8.3 - Hi, last year we bought this plugin of yours, and now We're trying this out and it seems to wor squestel Closed Bug?
#3154 Format when generating a PDF - Hi, We're on Sugar I have a format problem when I generate a PDF from a Word Temp BeeOne Closed Feature
#3135 Action required - Hi, I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.8.2. 1 / On Action on Menu Generate doesn't show up on Alex Closed Feature
#3126 Mail Merge Report for wysiwyg datatype not wroking - HI Team, We are using Mail merge of 2.5.1 version. The document is not able to fetch wysiwyg data sravani.tedla Closed Feature
#3117 Documents generating blank - Hello, we have recently migrated a SugarCRM system that uses this plugin to a new server. On the ne rloftus Closed General Question
#3094 Filename - Hi, Would it be possible to make the generate file name dependent on a field value. Let's ta Alex Closed Feature
#3063 Generate document button on SugarCRM 7.7 record view, version 2.5.8 - In product overview you mentioned that documents can be created from details views, while on SugarCR ivica Closed General Question
#3057 cd-libreoffice-pdf install on Debian - Hi, We have just untar the libreoffice package on a Debian Linux and it seem that de cde-exec com LaNceLoT Closed Installation
#3052 How to Mail Merge and Attach to Email through Coding - I have a custom module called "Transactions". These are related to Opportunities (Sales in josh2 Closed General Question
#3030 Cannot download LibreOffice cde-package - The LibreOffice CDE package 'cannot be found on Dropbox'. robagius Closed Installation
#2976 Meeting Module - Hi There, When I am trying to use your module from the Meeting module I cannot reach Account info Alex Closed General Question
#2968 Cap drawing field / photo fields in Meeting module - Hi there, I have followed your templates which are self explainatory for 90% of the fields. I Alex Closed General Question
#2926 Line return with PDF not considered - Dear developper, I have a field in Sugar with line returns. When I use this field in your module, w juliengillabert Closed Bug?
#2907 After update to 2.5.8 - I can see MailMerge 2.5.8 listed in my modules, however I also still can see the 2.5.5 but without a FHI360-Access Closed Bug?
#2891 HTML Tags appearing in reports - My reports (Word format) are showing html tags in the report text. Do you knoiw a way around that ian Closed Bug?
#2889 no generate document option on detail view (SuiteCRM 7.8.1 - SuiteP theme) - The option for 'Generate document' is gone from the detail view. And only showing under th FHI360-Access Closed Bug?
#2884 Document not generating - Hi There I have a document that is not generating the codes as usual We believe it is because of taufiqueahmed Closed General Question
#2862 Mail Merge Only Grabbing Generating One Document - No matter how many people I select in the opportunities module and click "Generate Document&quo josh2 Closed Bug?
#2856 Problem with Configuration Page After Installation - Regarding Mail Merge Reports, I tested the basic Version before purchasing the pro version, and it w josh2 Closed Bug?
#2789 Generate Document duplicated on modules - Hello I have been using Mail Merge for a couple of years now and it is brilliant! We have come a taufiqueahmed Closed Bug?
#2677 Can this module replace the Official Word 2013 mail merge plugin from SugarCRM - Our customer is moving to Office 365 2016. They currently use the MS Word plugin to do a simple merg Highrank Closed General Question
#2641 Select Template then EDIT doc before saving, Is this possible? - We are looking for a solution that enables users to generate letters from CRM using pre-defined but FibreCRM Closed General Question
#2624 PDF - Option 2 (Only for Linux) - OpenOffice cde path packages unavailable - Hi When we try to download these packages according to the links provided in the documentation we g Pierre Bourban Closed Bug?
#2592 Generate document missing in detail view - Hi I don't find the new "Generate document" in detail view as written in the user gu Pierre Bourban Closed Bug?
#2570 Mail Merge Reports and 7.7 - Hi. We just purchased mail merge reports. The extension is announced on your website as supporting v Pierre Bourban Closed Bug?
#2557 Does not install on Sugar ondemand - Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo Closed General Question
#2535 Main Block in a table - I have fields in the main block that I would like to be in a table, but only show up in the table if ldevin2 Closed General Question
#2381 Merge Multiple Accounts or Contacts at Once - Hi, Is there a way to select multiple accounts or contacts, select generate document, choose the FlashGordon14 Closed Feature
#2308 BeforeMergeBlock - Hi, I've created a MailMerge document for a custom module. I want to order the data of the nordestinnovazione Closed Feature
#2221 Corrupt Word-Files on Download - Hi, we found a very strange problem. Recently when generating a Wordfile and downloading it, the office3 Closed General Question
#2220 Installing - Hi Mail merge reports, I did the installation and everything looks good but I cannot export the r Strategic_IT Closed Installation
#2207 Pull Data from Multiple Modules (accounts and Contacts) into One Generated Document? - Is there a way to pull data from both account and contact modules into one document? Thanks FlashGordon14 Closed Feature
#2166 Template for Quotes: order of products' lines in table and Groups of products - Dear support, I have two questions regarding templates for quotes: 1) I have noticed that the orde rossella Closed General Question
#2157 Two Generate Docs in Drop Down and Both Not Working. Just Turns Blue After Clicking, But Nothing Happens - There are two Generate Docs in the drop down, but both don't do anything when clicked. The gene FlashGordon14 Closed Bug?
#2073 Compatible MailMergeReports-Premium-v2.5.5-Sugar_6.5-7.6 and SuiteSRM - When I do "Creating Merge & Report Templates ", i dont see this menu(see screen [ente maksim Closed General Question
#2025 Generate document option displayed twice - The "Generate Document" option under the Edit drop-down menu is displayed twice. Have anyo Rzhao Closed Bug?
#2008 Remove decimal from Price field - Hello, is there a function to truncate a numeric field to remove decimals? Best regrds, Rossel rossella Closed Feature
#1996 Installation on my hosting - In the Documentation says that cannot install on the Sugar CRM On demand version, but i dont know if Agustin Closed Installation
#1992 A couple of questions - Hi, we are very happy with your module, but still have some little( hopefully) questions for you: office3 Closed General Question
#1913 Compatibility with Workflows - Hello. I was wondering if this module had Workflow support? Could I create a workflow that generates ChristopherScott Closed General Question
#1867 Tempalte issues - I've sent an email to: with 2 templates attached. I'm trying jules99-2 Closed General Question
#1859 Install PDF functions - Hi, I've downloaded/uploaded the CDE components to my webserver as instructed and changed the c mpeet1 Closed Installation
#1849 Found bug while using the module - Hello Sir, I implemented the on my SugarCRM Commun sumit Closed Feature
#1845 Difficulty generating table containing multiple tasks - Hi, is it possible to generate a table that contains all tasks in SugarCRM and their status? I have ray_grey Closed General Question
#1844 Extra page being added at end of documents - Hi, we have just started using MMR and each time we generate a document, an extra 'blank' ray_grey Closed General Question
#1842 Merge values into a URL link - Hi, I'm creating an invoice that includes a link to an online payment form. I want the URL mpeet1 Closed General Question
#1809 Errors in template with variables of "relate" type - Hi! My ploblem looks rather similar, the error is the same. TinyButStrong Error in field [ Nassy Closed General Question
#1769 Data from relationships not showing in the body section of document via [a_subX.varname] - When generating a document I am noticing that related data is not showing the the a body block when raskew Closed General Question
#1708 Sending parameters when generating documents - Can parameters be sent when generating report? Something like date ranges, or something to restri raskew Closed General Question
#1703 Repeated TinyButStrong Error in field - Hi There installed and followed instructions and hit this repeated error when expoting a docx taufiqueahmed Closed General Question
#1696 Calculated Fields Usage - I have subpanel data that I need to segment in a report based on the type of one of the field. Each raskew Closed General Question
#1689 Merging data into the header/footer - Hi, is there any way to merge data into the header/footer areas of a Word document template? And doe rdouglas Closed General Question
#1676 Format for Quotes - I am trying to have a mail merge list the line items from a quote. The language I am using is the fo sberr Closed General Question
#1645 Alphabetizing Lists - Hi, We merge into a document to create name tags. Is there a way to have the merge done alphabetica adamklein Closed Feature
#1625 Bug? - When I open ANY of the templates supplied I get the following error in Word The file <file nam rdouglas Closed Bug?
#1620 Multiple records on the same row - Hi I have just recently purchased the Mail Merge Reports module was hoping you could tell me if it w rdouglas Closed General Question
#1584 Images aren't showing in merged documents created through the template generator - I have done the following: Created a Note Attached a file "image.jpg" to it. Generate Reisclef Closed Feature
#1531 Basic vs Pro - I am not clear on the differences in the basic vs the paid versions, What additional features are i Paul Bonnallie Closed General Question
#1527 Contracts &amp; Custom module will not activate Generate document - The list of enabled / disabled modules by default, post-installation had two modules (Contracts, and Reisclef Closed Installation
#1510 Numbered lists - Hi - I created this merge document: adamklein Closed Bug?
#1449 Doesn't work for 7.6 instance? - Hi - The initial screen says this will work for a 7.6 instance but when I try to upload it's no djwestrup6 Closed Feature
#1287 using tables - Hi, I need to help making a serial merge in tables. I can get a single column to work like this: adamklein Closed Feature
#1278 Pre-Purchase Question - With this tool are you able to fill existing PDF's with the merge fields or must the PDF be cre rbins Closed General Question
#1174 Available Variables List &amp; Generate Basic Document - Not Working - Using Sugar Version 6.5.18 - Available Variables List & Generate Basic Document function is not jendin Closed Bug?
#923 Mail Merge of a sub table using w:tr results in a faulty DOCX file - I am trying to generate a report using the block=w:tr definition however when I try to open the gene pjakob Closed General Question
#917 Sort subpanel records in Generated document - can't make it work - Hi MMR is updated to 2.4 but no success on sorting subpanel records in generated Document Used cod kir Closed Bug?
#832 Filter subpanel records by condition - how to set? - Hi Is it possible to filter subpanel records by condition (example: "status" of record wi kir Closed Feature
#825 Problem in generated document - missing values - Hi During Document creation i use MSword table to display values from subpanel. Strange behaviour: kir Closed Bug?
#730 format error: not a PDF or corrupted - Hello, I've just purchased the Module and I'm having the above error when generating PDF rossella Closed Installation
#709 Generate Document button not showing up at all - I have installed the module according to the instructions and the generate document button is not sh Brian Bradford Closed Installation
#636 Is it possible to make document using template in Excel format? - Hi Is it possible to make document using template in Excel format? Thanks in advance kir Closed General Question
#600 Possible to support conditional values - I want to do a mail merge with a word document but the value from sugar may be left blank. So I wou ldevin2 Closed General Question
#508 Mail Merge Reports &amp; Custom Modules - I have custom modules relates to each other three levels deep, (i.e. client header (1st table), clie websolprov Closed General Question
#471 Unable to get PDF function working: Refund - Hi, unfortunately I've been unable to get the Generate to PDF function working with your module mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#468 How to set sort options of subpanel items in Generated Document - Hi! How to set sort options of subpanel items in Generated Document? kir Closed General Question
#453 [Caso:3513] Print to PDF - Hi, just purchased your module and installed on my CentOS server. Followed your instructions for the mpeet1 Closed Installation
#446 Expansion to Email templates - I was wondering if you were considering expanding this module to allow for creation of email templat mpeet Closed Feature
#440 [Caso:3511] Issue with Template File Name which contains spaces - Hi If i upload a template file like XXX YYY.docx, then when i click on the link with that file to d kir Closed Bug?
#418 Support for Custom Modules - We have a client that requires document generation in Custom Modules. Do you support Custom Modu fletch Closed General Question
#403 Name of the generated document - how to set? - hi How to set name of the generated file? Let's say name should be generated (calculated) and kir Closed General Question
#400 Can't generate base template for custom module installed after Mail Merge Reports - hi Can't generate base template for custom module installed after Mail Merge Reports I see th kir Closed Bug?
#398 Can't use values in Header &amp; Footer in the .docx - Can't use passed values in Header and Footer of the template. - displays as text like "a_n kir Closed General Question
#397 Incorrect Handle number's format in merged report - not respect fields type and precision - hi Bugs with formating decimal (at least) - for example my decimal field has 10.0 precision, but in kir Closed Feature
#340 Image files - hi Is there images support for document creation? I mean is it possible to add pictures into every kir Closed Feature
#216 Solution possible? - Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to create a PDF report with all the hours that several empl andreas.epping Closed Feature
#193 Support for OnDemand - Is your plugin supported for Professional in the OnDemand environment? Thanks, Emilio Taylor visaolive Closed Feature
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