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#2856 - Problem with Configuration Page After Installation

Closed Bug? created by josh2 5 years ago

Regarding Mail Merge Reports, I tested the basic Version before purchasing the pro version, and it worked fine, I uninstalled the basic version and then I installed the pro version and when I navigate to the Configuration Page in the Administration Panel, the console is showing "index.php:1763 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :" and everytime I save it I get "index.php?module=DHA_PlantillasDocumentos&action=Configuration:1433 Uncaught TypeError: SUGAR.saveTemplatesSettings is not a function at HTMLInputElement.onclick (index.php?module=DHA_PlantillasDocumentos&action=Configuration:1433)"

I cannot save the configuration page and the 'Enabled Modules' Multi-select is not appearing.

Any idea what could be causing that, I already did a Quick Repair and Rebuild.

  1. josh2 member avatar


    5 years ago

    The index.php:1763 error is occuring in the view.config.tpl file on line 237, here is a snippet of the code:

    Line 237

    {/literal}{$csrf_form_token_input_id}{literal}: var_csrf_token_value  

    SUGAR.saveTemplatesSettings = function(){ var enabledTable = SUGAR.TemplatesEnabledTable; var modules = ""; for(var i=0; i < enabledTable.getRecordSet().getLength(); i++){ var data = enabledTable.getRecord(i).getData(); if (data.module && data.module != &#039;&#039;) modules += "," + data.module; } modules = modules == "" ? modules : modules.substr(1); var roles_enabled_levels = ""; var roles_enabled_levels_ids = ""; var id = ""; jQuery(".templates_roles_enabled_levels").each(function() { id = jQuery(this).attr("id"); id = id.substr("templates_roles_enabled_levels_".length); roles_enabled_levels += "," + jQuery(this).val(); roles_enabled_levels_ids += "," + id; }); roles_enabled_levels = roles_enabled_levels == "" ? roles_enabled_levels : roles_enabled_levels.substr(1); roles_enabled_levels_ids = roles_enabled_levels_ids == "" ? roles_enabled_levels_ids : roles_enabled_levels_ids.substr(1); ajaxStatus.showStatus(SUGAR.language.get(&#039;app_strings&#039;, &#039;LBL_SAVING&#039;)); Connect.asyncRequest( Connect.method, Connect.url, {success: SUGAR.saveCallBack}, SUGAR.util.paramsToUrl({ module: "DHA_PlantillasDocumentos", action: "saveconfig", enabled_modules: modules, DHA_templates_default_lang : get(&#039;DHA_templates_default_lang&#039;).value, DHA_OpenOffice_cde : get(&#039;DHA_OpenOffice_cde&#039;).value, DHA_OpenOffice_exe : get(&#039;DHA_OpenOffice_exe&#039;).value, DHA_OpenOffice_HOME : get(&#039;DHA_OpenOffice_HOME&#039;).value, templates_roles_enabled_levels : roles_enabled_levels, templates_roles_enabled_levels_ids : roles_enabled_levels_ids, {/literal}{$csrf_form_token_input_id}{literal}: var_csrf_token_value }) ); return true; }

    The "Save" Error is occurring as apart of that same function.

  2. josh2 member avatar


    5 years ago

    Resolved the issue by changing this:

    {/literal}{$csrf_form_token_input_id}{literal}: var_csrf_token_value

    to this (just added quotes around the $csrf_form_token_input_id variable:

    {/literal}{'$csrf_form_token_input_id'}{literal}: var_csrf_token_value

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