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Create documents in docx, xlsx (MS Office Word and Excel), odt, ods (LibreOffice and OpenOffice) and pdf format without MS Office or others plugins installed from any module and subpanel using templates.

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#709 - Generate Document button not showing up at all

Closed Installation created by Brian Bradford 7 years ago

I have installed the module according to the instructions and the generate document button is not showing up at all. I have run a quick repair and still no button.

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    7 years ago

    Solved by the client. This is his explanation ...

    We were testing a different module for duplication issues called ActivePrime Sugar Merge API module, it was installed prior to us purchasing the mail merge report module. I started systematically disabling our additional modules to rule out conflicts. After disabling ActivePrime the button showed up. There is most likely an issue with one of their files.

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