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#4569 - Use Conditional display and Sorting formulas

Closed General Question created by sinergiacrm a year ago


We are trying to apply some of the filters and sorting formulas that appears in the Manual of TinyButStrong, but we couldn't make work any.

Is there a way we can filter records conditionally, using one of its fields values?

Something like the example bellow

Is there a way to sort records using one of its fields values?

We are using last MMR version installed in Latest SuiteCRM.

Thanks in advance

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    a year ago


    Sorry, but you will need some php code to sort or filter records. Please, check this answer to do this

    If yout need conditional display data, you can accomplish this with 'if' TinyButStrong clausule. e.g :

     [a.primary_address_street;if [val]='';then 'ADDRESS STREET: n/a'; else 'ADDRESS STREET: [val]']


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