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#1992 - A couple of questions

Closed General Question created by office3 6 years ago


we are very happy with your module, but still have some little( hopefully) questions for you:

  1. I need to create a template with a fixed layout, so that each page that will be generated has got the result of the variable on the exakt same position. The template contains just text with several new lines and several paragraphs. I tried to put everything in a tablerow and make this row exakt 1 page big, but there has to be a better solution (please). If you have an example, that would be great!

  2. In Sugar we use a custom module "Events" which has a subpanel "delegates". One Event has many delegates. I created a template to generate a document for this. But I need to have the possibilty to generate this document with just 1 selected of the delegate instead of all of them.

  3. I need to generate the document from question no.2 from the module delegates. Is it possible to generate the document from an other module maybe via an URL?

Many thanks in Advance Marcel

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    6 years ago

    Hi Marcel,

    Sorry for the delay. We are looking at your questions right now.



  2. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    6 years ago

    Hi Marcel,

    About your questions:

    1. Sorry, we don't understand clearly what you need. Please , could you send us the template showing what you want?

    2. You can download a example template from the next wetransfer link: Review the line: "Contact : [a_sub3;block=w:p;when [a_sub3.#]=1][]" in that template

    3. Yes, it is posible. You have to add a bottom that generates a url like the next url:

    The url's parameters would be:

    • moduloplantilladocumento : name of the template's module • uid : record id • enPDF (true/false) • plantilladocumento_id : template id



  3. office3 member avatar


    5 years ago

    Thanks for your help. The missing answer for No.1 was already found by ourself. Thanks again and sorry for delay!

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