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#3880 - Template cannot update after save

Closed Bug? created by thomastangca 5 years ago

Hi, I can create a template and save, but docx file cannot update and save in template. I checked PHP error log, here is the error I got: PHP Notice: Undefined index: doc_type in C:\suitecrm\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\include\SugarFields\Fields\File\SugarFieldFile.php on line 153

PHP Warning: rename(upload/760c6376-7441-182e-1c54-5b9ad71be8ba,C:\suitecrm\apps\suitecrm\htdocs/document_templates/760c6376-7441-182e-1c54-5b9ad71be8ba.docx): The system cannot find the path specified. (code: 3) in C:\suitecrm\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\modules\DHA_PlantillasDocumentos\DHA_PlantillasDocumentos.php on line 191 Any idea? Thanks Tom

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    5 years ago


    We have just published version 2.5.13 that solves cache problems with template downloads. In tests, the template was saved correctly when modified and uploaded again, but the browser downloaded a cached version of the template (this did not happen in all browsers).

    It is possible that your problem was caused by this issue. Please update your installation with the new version to try it out. To update the component, uninstall it by checking the "Do Not Remove Tables" option.

    If it doesn't fix it, please send us the versions of SuiteCRM you are using to try to reproduce the problem.

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