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#508 - Mail Merge Reports & Custom Modules

Closed General Question created by websolprov 8 years ago

I have custom modules relates to each other three levels deep, (i.e. client header (1st table), client contact (2nd table) and client contact address (3rd table), I want to be able to create mailmerge letters to send to each client contact address but the Available variables list & Generate basic template page only seems to go two levels deep. How can I do this please? Thanks.

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    8 years ago

    You need to create a new calculated field for client contact (2nd table) where you will compose the contact address for the client. This calculated field will be filled with the related contact address (3rd table) of the current client contact (2nd table). Please, take a look at the "Calculated Fields" section in the "README.txt" file (in installation zip) where we explain how to create calculated fields, and also the "custom/modules/Opportunities/DHA_DocumentTemplatesCalculatedFields.php" file, where you can get an example of using the calculated fields for the Opportunities module.

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