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#923 - Mail Merge of a sub table using w:tr results in a faulty DOCX file

Closed General Question created by pjakob 8 years ago

I am trying to generate a report using the block=w:tr definition however when I try to open the generated docx file MS-Word gives an error about the document having faulty contents.

I have can provide both the template and the resulting document upon request if you need it.

Here is the table definition; [a_sub3;block=w:tr][] [a_sub3.filing_date] [a_sub3.filing_type] [a_sub3.finding_date] [a_sub3.nos_code_c] [a_sub3.rationale_c] [a_sub3.role_party] [a_sub3.termination_date] [a_sub3.title]

If I use tbl instead it works but I do not get my headers.

Thanks, Peter

  1. dharma member avatar

    Izertis Provider

    8 years ago

    Hi Peter,

    Please, send to us both template and resulting document to review it. Also send to us the template that works, with w:tbl and the resulting document.

  2. pjakob member avatar


    8 years ago

    Hello, The case system does not allow for attachments - to whom shall I send the files to?

    Best, Peter

    • dharma member avatar

      Izertis Provider

      8 years ago

      Hi Peter,

      please, send it to



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