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#3469 - Only some documents generated when selecting multiple rows from ListView

Closed General Question created by josh2 4 years ago

I have a document that no matter how many I select on the ListView, only outputs some of the rows, not all of them.

For example,

I selected 50 rows and clicked "Generate Document" and got only 17 of the records?

  1. josh2 member avatar


    4 years ago

    After further testing, it appears that information is technically being outputed, but its being outputed on top of each other. So page 1 has 3 documents overlayed on top of each so perfectly you don't even realize that there are documents overlayed.

    I am unsure whats causing this.

  2. josh2 member avatar


    4 years ago

    Problem solved...

    In my case, all my text was inside shapes in Microsoft Word 365. The text at the top of the page "[a;block=w:body]" was also inside a shape, but the shape was a small box. In order to fix the problem, I had to stretch the box out to the be the full width and height of the document and then it output all of the pages correctly.

    • dharma member avatar

      Izertis Provider

      4 years ago

      Hi josh,

      Good news. If in the future you have problems with a document again, you can send it to us by private email so we can test it. The document should not use entities or customized fields, so that we can reproduce the problem (only standard entities such as Accounts or Opportunities).


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