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Faye's Sugar Hubspot Connector enables bidirectional syncing of Accounts, Leads, and Contacts to allow for effective automation, up-to-date and reliable data, and no more double entries.

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Bring your Marketing & CRM into harmony!

Faye's Sugar-HubSpot Connector offers bidirectional syncing between the two platforms to execute well-targeted campaigns, improve reporting, and always keep customer data up-to-date. By having access to all the advantages of both systems, you’ll gain insight into specific HubSpot campaigns as well as access to a record's HubSpot activity, all from within Sugar.

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How It Works

The Sugar-HubSpot Connector includes a separate web interface that allows for customizing and reporting on your sync processes between the platforms. After purchasing the integration, we set up your unique HubSpot Bridge according to your needs so you can start syncing in no time!

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  • Seamless integration: Complete bidirectional syncing of Accounts, Leads, and Contacts.
  • Customizability: Select which records you want to sync and which not, create custom mappings, and define sync directions.
  • Logging: Easily see statistics and detailed error logs about your sync activities.
  • iframe in Sugar: Get insights into a record's HubSpot data by accessing the HubSpot frontend directly in Sugar.


Compatible with Sugar Sell and Sugar Enterprise 11.0 and greater.