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Accelerate pipeline creation by focusing your sales and marketing teams on the accounts who are most ready to buy. Foundry for Sugar highlights decision-stage accounts with predictive intent signals, even from buyers whom you’ve never reached before.

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Reach Warm Buyers Before the Competition

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Focus on the Right Accounts

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Stop wasting time on accounts who aren’t ready to buy. Foundry’s AI-based Smart Score finds the accounts most likely to buy and tees them up for sales prospecting. This takes out the guesswork for your sales team, allowing them to focus on accounts that will move through pipeline quickly and convert to closed business.


  • 20% lift in conversion rates from prospecting
  • 25% less time spent on manual contact selection

Get Into Deals Earlier

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Don’t be the last one getting into the purchase conversations. At its core, Foundry is built on an AI machine learning engine that fuels predictive intent data. This ensures you join each purchase conversation early with detailed insights on what the buyer needs.


  • 45+ days earlier into accounts compared to waiting for form fills
  • 20% reduction in time-to-close when sales and marketing align on messaging
  • Automate workflows right in your CRM

Craft Relevant Messages

Take the guesswork out of prospecting with detailed account insights revealing what your prospects want and the competing solutions they’re considering. Connect with buyers early in the purchase journey by knowing their pain points, needs and interests. Leave behind prospecting with canned messaging and instead unlock Foundry ABM for Sugar insights that provide you with visibility on what your buyers topics of interest are so your organization stands out.


  • Select relevant messages based on account behaviors
  • Improve customer response rates and conversions

Intent Data Activation

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Foundry’s account-based marketing platform allows you to leverage first-party intent data from your own site, third-party intent from the public web, and Foundry's proprietary publishing and events network data in a robust all-in-one platform to help B2B sales and marketing teams identify which accounts are in-market and who is showing intent to buy at the contact level.


  • Leverage intent signals from diverse buying channels
  • See the buying team at the contact-level
  • Activate intent data across channels with orchestration

Sugar Package Download

The integration requires a Sugar Module Loadable Package (MLP) to be installed in your Sugar instance. This is available for DOWNLOAD. For the integration to work, an additional Data Subscription is required.

Data Subscription

$50 USD per user per month.

Minimum purchase of 15 users for at least 50% of your licensed Sugar users.

Additional one-time $1900 onboarding service fee is also required.

Case Study

See how Sugar leverages Foundry to identify in-market accounts early and galvanize sales and marketing to discover pipeline as one team.

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