• The evolution of sales prospecting

  • The power of intent based prospecting

  • Intent based prospecting in Sugar

How Can You Prospect Better in Sales?

Webinar hosts Christian Wettre and David Nelson began by sharing that Foundry, formerly Triblio, is a tool used by SugarCRM for sales and marketing efforts, which is why we enthusiastically share it with our customers. Our hosts set the stage for the session by asking: how can you prospect better in sales? A question that has blown up and caused organizational shifts and countless time, energy and dollars to better understand. David explained that the reason for the shift in buyer activity lies outside of the sales rep's cycle, buyers are educating themselves independently.

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So how can sales reps arm themselves with the knowledge being researched and ensure their inclusion of the buying process? This is where Foundry comes in. Christian explained that not only has Foundry emerged out of necessity, but as a natural progression from cold calling, to inbound marketing leads, to now buyer intent prospecting.

The hosts then focused in on intent data, where this research is happening, what are the behavioral patterns and how to interpret this data. Organizations are constantly researching to discover and understand their data, but Foundry alerts you and your organization to changes and boosts in that research behavior.

Christian and David demo'd Foundry, showing how competitive signals can de-risk your pipeline within Sugar, summarized a variation of sales and marketing use cases with Sell and Market and offered key takeaways for building a successful pipeline.

Resources: See here for full recording.