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Discover the untapped possibilities within your CRM system with our tailored SugarCRM Healthcheck.

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Get ready to turbocharge your SugarCRM experience with a SugarCRM Health Check! It's like giving your SugarCRM system a thorough check-up to diagnose any issues or to get a clear picture before driving the project forward.

What is a SugarCRM Healthcheck?

Discover the untapped possibilities within your SugarCRM system with our tailored SugarCRM Healthcheck. Dive deep into the heart of your CRM infrastructure as we meticulously audit your processes, functionality usage, and user feedback. Our expert analysis will equip you with a roadmap for optimising your CRM experience efficiently and effectively. For more details, read our comprehensive FAQ here.

Does my business need a Health Check?

Whether you're scratching your head over a pesky error message, puzzled by your team's reluctance to embrace Sugar, or just eager to ensure a rock-solid foundation for your next big rollout, a system audit is your ticket to gaining fresh insights and uncovering potential challenges you might have overlooked. Let's rev up your Sugar game!

Who would benefit from a CRM Health Check?

Why leverage Sugabyte?

With a proven track record spanning over a decade and hundreds of successful Sugar projects under our belt, Sugabyte is your go-to expert for CRM excellence. Our dynamic team combines extensive experience with an unwavering dedication to deliver tangible results. Trust in Sugabyte to elevate your CRM vision and propel your business forward with confidence.

What's the process?

Step 1: Kick-off call

We start with a kick-off call (approx 2 hours) to ascertain headline facts about your business, how you use SugarCRM and the main areas ripe for improvement.

Step 2: We curate an end-user survey (optional)

As part of the process, real end-user feedback is invaluable. So we’ll send you a link to a curated set of survey questions for you to distribute to your end-users. While this is a small part to the health check, it's vital to get a reading on end-users.

Step 3: We review the survey responses and design the workshop agenda

We’ll analyse the responses from the survey in a digestible format. We'll also design the agenda for our workshop so we stay on point with the topics that matter most to you.

Step 4: Workshop Day

Workshop day, on this day we’ll dig deeper into the selected topics for discussion. Topics such as functional adoption, reporting and performance visibility, data quality, user adoption challenges & process automation.

Step 5: Deliver your audit report

Following the workshop, we’ll issue a Health Check audit report clearly illustrating the areas for improvement and the roadmap to achieve your business goals within Sugar.

We can help if you're using these versions:

- Sugar Sell
- Sugar Serve
- Sugar Enterprise
- Sugar Professional
- Sugar Market

Want to understand more?

Read our comprehensive FAQ here.

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You can contact us at for instant support or any queries you may have. Or, create a case/question via Sugaroutfitters.

To learn more about Sugabyte and other SugarCRM services we offer, please visit the Sugabyte website.

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