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Ensure accurate and fast email verification for single contacts or your entire contact library so your Sugar database is always clean and up to date.

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  • Discover who still works for that Account, and who's left
  • Verify your contacts and leads email addresses
  • Improves your IP and domain reputation
  • Verify a single record or your entire database (scheduled job)
  • Essential for data cleansing exercises
  • Leverages the powerful email verification service

What Does It Do?

This integration will verify the validity of your Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Targets email address which you can then use as a strong indicator of if that person still works at that company. It checks the email format and the mail server response leveraging the powerful verification system.

Ready For A Contact Data Cleanse?

En mass, you can validate your entire SugarCRM database with our Hunter integration. For each record, Hunter will return an email status determining the validity of the mailbox.

Report On Your Cleansing Activities

This data is fully reportable which you can leverage to manage the cleansing of your database. All new Hunter-related fields such as the Status will enhance your visibility into the management of your data.

Discover Potential Sales Opportunities

Typically, an invalid email address from a historical business contact would indicate that they no longer work there. Use this to your advantage as an action to review that contact/lead on LinkedIn to see if they have switched employers – there’s a good chance there could be an opportunity.

Check The Validity Of New Contacts & Leads

Whether creating contacts and leads manually or automatically (i.e. from web forms online), our integration will present the email status to your CRM users to help them instantly understand if they have an invalid email address.

Improve Your IP and Domain Reputation Scores

If you’re sending email marketing campaigns today or plan to in the future, you’re going to need this tool to ensure you have maximum mailbox penetration (and thus more open and click-through rates).

Repeatedly sending emails to servers where the mailbox no longer exists will harm your IP and domain reputation. It can even get your day-to-day business email blacklisted. This integration ensures your CRM contacts marked as “Invalid” do not enter your distribution list.

Boost Your User Adoption

Boost Your User Adoption Having faith and trust in your CRM data is one of the core pillars of user adoption. This add-on for Sugar will boost trust and faith that the data in your SugarCRM instance is as up-to-date as can be.

Supported Sugar Versions

- Supports Sugar Sell
- Supports Sugar Serve
- Supports Sugar Enterprise
- Works on versions 13.0.0 and above

*Requires A Hunter Subscription

This integration to requires a Hunter subscription. For more details, check our FAQ page.

Contact Us

You can contact us at for instant support or any queries you may have. Or, create a case/question via Sugaroutfitters.

To learn more about Sugabyte and other SugarCRM services we offer, please visit the Sugabyte website.

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