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With Sugar Integrate for Marketo, automate your lead-to-opportunity process and provide your sales team with full visibility into a lead’s engagement history. A native integration brought to you by SugarCRM.

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Sugar Integrate for Marketo

Data Silos Slowing Down Your Front Office?

To succeed in today’s fast paced world, your company needs a high-definition customer experience. With Sugar Integrate, you can quickly stitch together your front office applications into that extra edge you need over your competition.

Sugar Integrate for Marketo automates the lead-to-opportunity process, providing sales teams with visibility into a lead’s engagement history. Syncing information between Sugar and Marketo improves nurturing of relationships with customers and prospects and provides sales teams with higher quality leads and actionable insights for improved sales effectiveness.

Key Capabilities

  • Automatically sync Sugar leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities with marketing programs & activity logs in Marketo
  • Control what specific data is synced

With Sugar Integrate

  • Eliminate lost or mishandled leads between marketing and sales ​
  • Ensure sales and marketing have up to date lead & contact information​
  • Manage the handover of high quality nurtured/qualified leads from marketing directly to sales reps​
  • Facilitate higher quality sales conversations with insight into lead engagement with marketing tactics ​
  • Enable measurement of marketing campaign ROI and contribution to revenue​
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