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With Sugar Integrate for Marketo, automate your lead-to-opportunity process and provide your sales team with full visibility into a lead’s engagement history. A native integration brought to you by SugarCRM.

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Configuration Set-Up Services are Required

Configuration Set-Up Services must be performed by Sugar Professional Services or a SugarCRM Implementation Partner.


Sugar Integrate for Marketo enables the synchronization of lead information between the two systems, creating a closed loop lead-to-opportunity flow. With SugarBPM, it can automate the routing of qualified leads to sales reps in Sugar through more sophisticated routing rules. The Integrate workflows will provide sales visibility into a lead’s engagement history and synchronize account and opportunity information from Sugar to Marketo.

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Integration Capabilities

  • Marketo Person (lead) can be configured to sync to Sugar as a Lead based on lead score thresholds OR when checkbox field "Sync to Sugar" is checked, enabling faster sales response​
  • When Leads are converted to Contacts in Sugar, a “Sync to Marketo” checkbox allows Sugar users to control what records are sent to Marketo​
  • Marketo People and Sugar Leads or Contacts are synced every 15 min (changeable default setting), enabling the information in both systems to stay up to date. Sugar system wins in the event of conflict.​
  • Accounts sync one way from Sugar for synced Contacts. Configurable option​
  • Opportunities sync one way from Sugar for synced Contacts only. Configurable option. Sugar Oppty types are also configurable​
  • Activity Logs sync one-way from Marketo, providing holistic view of lead lifecycle. Configurable option.​
  • Marketo Activity Log types are configurable ( e.g. Web form, seminar, etc) ​
  • Marketo Person must be synced in Sugar in order for their activities to sync into Sugar​
  • Trigger is any synced Person with Marketo Activities matching the configured types​
  • Synced Activity Logs auto purged from Sugar DB after 6 months to reduce data growth​
  • Activities purged in Marketo, after their retention period​

Marketing Program Details

  • Available as a configurable option, will sync one way from Marketo to Sugar
  • Custom module in Sugar configured to capture synced data​
  • Supports custom Sugar fields​
  • Syncs Programs' tags to Sugar Tags​
  • Trigger is modified Marketo Programs or Activity Logs generated by Sugar Programs (without details) ​
  • Most fields are read-only for regular Sugar users​

Program Membership Status

  • Syncs one way from Marketo, leveraging Activity Logs ​
  • Custom module in Sugar, provided with Sugar's Marketo installable Package​
  • Requires Activity Logs sync of "Change Status in Progression" Activity type ​
  • Read-only module for regular Sugar users​
  • Can be disabled, by disabling Activity Logs sync that are "Change Status in Progression" Activity type ​
  • Trigger is any synced Person with Marketo Activities that are "Change Status in Progression" Activity type​

Integration Pre-requisites

  • Marketo instance with full API access​
  • Sugar Sell v11.0 & above or Sugar Enterprise 11.0​
  • Sugar’s Marketo installable package – adding custom Sugar modules and field(s) ​
  • Marketo fields creation (I.e. SugarCRM ID Fields)​
  • Sugar Integrate license for Marketo​
  • Sugar dedicated user license for the integration ​


  • Marketo has strict API limitations. Based on volume of data changes, it may be necessary to run the integration less frequently to remain in compliance.
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