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Enhance your calculated fields in Sugar with background processing algorithms that keep the values up to date without slowing users down.

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Accurate Values Without Compromising Performance

Do you wish your calculated fields showed the latest data in near real-time, but didn't slow your users down with costly recalculations? Upsert® Calculated Fields is the ultimate solution to ensure that your SugarLogic and calculated fields reflect the most current data without impacting system performance.

Upsert® Calculated Fields

Why Choose Calculated Fields?

Precision and Performance

When Sugar recalculates values for related records, it impacts the speed of the CRM for everyone. Our plugin is unique because it applies advanced backend processing techniques to update the values while preserving the efficiency and speed of your CRM system.

Near Real-Time Accuracy

Say goodbye to outdated data, and hello to a trusted source of truth. The Calculated Fields plugin monitors for changes that affect your calculations and processes those changes quietly on the backend. It can even continuously recalculate your SugarLogic fields if needed to reflect the latest values for formulas like "daysUntil" and "hoursUntil". You can trust your business decisions knowing that they're based on the latest information available.

Streamline Operations

Maximize productivity without sacrificing accuracy. Calculated Fields automates recalculations, eliminating the need for manual updates. Free up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Key Features

Dynamic Updates

Queued updates keep pace with changes in your data. The Calculated Fields plugin monitors your system for data modifications in real-time, and schedules updates to maintain data accuracy.

You have the option to selectively identify the records within a module that should be recalculated which enables you to unlock features previously not possible with SugarLogic calculations. Common use cases such as opportunity or case aging can be calculated daily to ensure your business automations don't miss a beat!

Minimal Resource Consumption

Calculated Fields minimizes the strain on your system resources without compromising the accuracy of your calculations.

Unlock the Power of Precision

Elevate your Sugar experience with Calculated Fields and discover the perfect balance between accuracy and performance. Revolutionize the way you manage data without missing a beat - try Calculated Fields today and experience the difference for yourself.

System Requirements

Upsert® Calculated Fields is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise products
  • Versions 12.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site