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Manage your business partners quickly and easily using ZINFI Unified Partner Management portal and SugarCRM to sync data and get real time record management and data flow!

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Every partner management organization needs a system connecting and unifying multiple third-party platforms, tools, and reports in a centralized location. ZINFI’s Connection Management connects to external third-party systems and processes all workflows and requests from those business systems like CRM. The external systems communicate through Connection Management’s secured APIs, and the internal systems communicate directly through the centralized Connection Management’s data access layer.

ZINFI’s UPM platform comes with an integrated Connectors application for your channel partners and sales personnel to allow tracking of marketing activities, lead management, deal registration, partner relationships, etc...and the ability to share reporting and complete data flow between the two systems. ZINFI’s integrated connector not only does all of these but also provide a seamless integration to SugarCRM. With the integrated platform, your organization can efficiently sync Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and more between Sugar and Zinfi. SugarCRM and the ZINFI UPM integration can communicate lead and deal records, partner performance, marketing activities, etc… to push and pull data via defined workflows and mappers.

Visual Field Mapping

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Connector Management

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WorkFlow Management

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Record Syncing


ZINFI’s Connectors Application integration engine is the core driver; providing orchestration of stateless and internal/external functions, such as APIs, SSO and OAuth. Utilizing these functions or services, Connectors provides a way to implement complex end-to-end business capabilities with SugarCRM APIs. ZINFI UPM API powers the integration process by providing an easy-to-use and simple web service API for integrating SugarCRM with ZINFI UPM. The UPM API is easy to integrate with any HTTP-based applications of various technologies.

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ZINFI offers packaged (yet customizable) solution levels - Basic, Starter, Professional, Enterprise - with pricing starting as low as $12,000 per year. Contact Us for a personalized quote.

Additional SugarCRM indirect user licenses may be required for portal access. Discuss with your Sugar sales representative or Sugar Partner.

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