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The Opacus Activities Sync allows for a full bi-directional synchronisation between SugarCRM and your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, Outlook and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4699 Not working for one user of 10 - The addon doesn't work for one user of 10 , why? can you help me? StarSoftware Srl Open Bug?
#4607 Problem With License - in Opacus Activities Configuration I read this messagge: Unable to retrieve settings from server at StarSoftware Srl Open Bug?
#4576 Installation on SuiteCRM 7.11.21 failed - After Upload i got this message: "Die geladene Datei ist nicht mit dieser SuiteCRM Version komp isn-gmbh Open Bug?
#4473 cannot activate license on SuiteCRM version 7.11.18 - Hi. Apparently I can't activate my license on SuiteCRM version 7.11.18. Get the following er opencompany Open Installation
#4399 Installatioin Not Working with SuiteCRM 7.11.15 - I tried installing this on SuiteCRM 7.11.15 and it won't install. I emailed support last week a adam4 Open Installation
#4379 impossible to use on SuiteCRM 7.11.13 - So I am running the latest OpacusActivitySync. This setup works perfectly well on anything 7.10.X ( jobst Open Bug?
#4373 cannot activate license on Suite CRM version 7.11.13 - Hi! got the trial this morning but cannot activate it. I get errors about Zend component missing: mirkoalberio Open Bug?
#4364 What file(s) to install in Module Loader? - Hi So the installation guide says "Navigate to the module loader in your SugarCRM, upload and abh Closed Installation
#4302 Installation on Suite CRM 7.9.8 - Hi, which is the correct install file for my release of SuiteCRM? francescodibaldassarre Closed Installation
#4279 Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.11.10 causes Opacus to failed to valid licence key -URGENT- - Opacus Admin panel shows a popup with "Unable to retrieve settings from server at this time. Re richardgate Closed Bug?
#4275 I have just update to PHP 7.3 and cannot connect when using either php-fpm and/or mpm_event_module in apache. - Hi When I switch on "mpm_event_module" and use "php-fpm" I cannot connect to jobst Open Bug?
#4274 You really need a CHANGE log when updating, so one can see what was fixed - You really need a CHANGE log when updating, so one can see what was fixed I have been trying to fin jobst Closed Bug?
#4176 Not still work on suiteCRM - Hi, Is your plugin (still installable) still work on suiteCRM Version 7.11.5 I install the plugi so_removed_5 Open General Question
#4044 Android Installation failed - Hi, I installed the module in Sugar, downloaded Open Sync to my Android device and tried to connec abh Closed Installation
#4043 Subscribe to Calendar failing on MacOS Calendar App - There was an error subscribing to the calendar. here was an unexpected error with the request on su richardgate Closed Bug?
#3691 Recurrent Activities don't syncing in SuiteCRM from Calendar (iOS) - Greetings, When doing recurrent activities from Calendar (iOS) to SuitCRM/SugarCRM, only syncs t Juan Longas Closed Bug?
#3644 Thunderbird/Lightning problem with ICS import - Similar to this one Not all users have jobst Open Bug?
#3580 Android Problem - on android device doesn't syncronize stefanobonaldo Closed Bug?
#3506 Sync issue with tasks - I've just installed the trial and overall it's working exactly as described. However th kieransmith Closed General Question
#3315 Opacus calendar sync not loading - attempting to load into suitecrm....but hangs up in module loader....won't complete load....jus manainvest Closed General Question
#3310 Any Chance to relate an appointment directly to a case when using thunderbird/Lightning with SuiteCRM 7.8.6? - Hi Folks, i just startet the trial period. Installation went fine even tough quick repair tells me georgschuetz1 Closed General Question
#3306 Unable to get working with Ent 7.9 - Hi, despite claiming this works with Ent 7.9, we have been completely unable to install. _**_**__ Sugabyte Closed Bug?
#3269 Errror Sync Calender to Outlook with Caldav and IPhone - Hello, i testet Opacus Activities Sync with our Suite CRM Ver.: 7.8.5 LTS (PHP 5.6.29) and Caldav mirko Closed General Question
#3227 Sync happens but after a few days it stops syncing - We have 4 users that use the activity sync. 1 user works all the time (Samsung note, Caldav version Sunda Closed Bug?
#3185 Stop trail period - We've done a trail with the Opacus, sync software and we have decided to stop the trail period Ortwin Verreck Closed Installation
#3179 Problem installing Activities Sync SuiteCRM 7.8.1. - Hi Jason, We've started a trial period with Activities Sync but we have some problems ins Ortwin Verreck Closed Installation
#3132 Opacus Activity Sync not working - I successfully installed the Opacus Calender Sync Add-on. But I have some troubles in step 4 of the freisinger Closed Bug?
#3058 Activity Sync / SuiteCRM - According to this forum post rom Opacus: madmat Closed Bug?
#3020 Module Activities Sync not install MySQL error 1071 - When trying to install the module it gives error in the database: "MySQL error 1071: Specifie carloss Closed Installation
#2901 CardDav server integration - Hi! Are you going to develop a CardDav integration too in the future? Thanks. nordestinnovazione Closed Feature
#2819 Problem with Thunderbird settings during a free trial with Opacus - Hi, I tried Opacus on last Friday to make a synchro between Sugar CRM CE and Thunderbird. The add-o ggermain Closed General Question
#2790 Invalid server answer when i set the new account in calendar - Hi, I have installed activity sync in the crm of a client of mine and activated the license corre nordestinnovazione Closed Bug?
#2267 Can't connect using your guide - Tried CalDAV-connection following the guide at admin17 Closed General Question
#2266 New Licence Key Invalid / Expired - Our new licence key is shown as invalid / expired in <Opacus SugarCRM Activities Sync Settings> ronnyroggatz Closed Bug?
#2252 Does not work anymore - Thunderbird Version: 38.5.0 Sugar Version: 6.5.16 Opacus Activities Sync: 2.0.6 Problem: After madmat Closed Bug?
#2219 activities sync never worked - please refund the money the activities sync never worked. senia Closed Bug?
#2204 Sugar CRM CalDAV Active Sync - Hi , I have downloaded and followed all the instructions you have provided but I cannot make this w ic Closed Installation
#2087 older serial number for version 1.5.9 of Sugar SAS - Can we get our serial number exchanged to one that will work with 1.5.9 of sugar sas? we are still Robirenz Closed Installation
#2022 Please do not bill me until sync works - I reported that the Sync function is not working from the device back to Sugar. A response from s mverlage Closed Bug?
#2003 Connect second calendar with thunderbird - I have followed the instruction to connect thunderbird calendar with sugar calendar for a user. When acquisti Closed Bug?
#1979 Old SAS Installation from Opacus not working anymore - Hi Jason, several customers of ours use the SAS module from Opacus. They all bought it as a one- madmat Closed General Question
#1976 iCal updating Sugarcrm - Sugar crm 7.6.1 Sync function is sending content to iCal. iCal is not sending changes back to Sug mverlage Closed General Question
#1958 Multiple Calendar Connection from Thunderbird - Hi! I need to use two sugarcrm calendars in my thunderbird client. I am able to connect to the fi nordestinnovazione Closed Bug?
#1901 Just upgraded from 1.5.6 to 2.0.6, not working anymore - Hi Using a mix of Androids and Apple devices, never had any problems with SAS. I had to purcha jobst Closed Installation
#1898 Cannot validate to connet - SugarCRM version: 6.5.11 Opacus Activities Sync version: 2.0.6 We just got the trial of the ne Sunda Closed Bug?
#1879 Mac OS 10.11.2 and IOS 9.2 not working together with latest plugin version - Somehow we can't get the plugin to work. We are using suitecrm 7.5 Can't get connectio rwiek Closed Bug?
#1862 Problem when activate license - Hi, I've installed Activities Sync module for SugarCRM and when I insert the License key it re nordestinnovazione Closed Bug?
#1833 Verification Issue - Hi, I have gotten a demo version of your application and installed the plugin in my CRM. Got the saeedanwar127 Closed Bug?
#1795 Can i bind calendar with *.ics url ? - Hello, I would like to use the BIND feature from caldav protocol, but i don't know where i can sysadmin4 Closed General Question
#1747 Suite 7.3.2 no longer syncing TO activities sync vCal - Since we have upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.3.2, the Opacus Activities Sync module seems to have stopped sy johanbrady Closed Bug?
#1745 Change Licenses - 1) Two persons that have installed Opacus Plugin don't work for my customer from last wweek. So ericapaulini Closed General Question
#1681 Error &quot;Status: 80004005&quot; - At least two of our users, when trying to accept calendar invites from external sources via Thunderb johanbrady Closed Bug?
#1678 Adding Opacus Activities Sync to SugarCRM 6.5.5 CE gives no content to the ../index.php?module=OpacusActivitiesSync&amp;action=index URL - HI, I follow the guide here: info54 Closed Bug?
#1560 Regarding Visibility of Ipad Meeting inside SugarCRM Calendar - Hello, We have configured the plugin following the steps provided in the documentation and it se prateekj Closed Bug?
  • "The program was working great for about 2 months and then it quit working. We have attempted to contact them numerous times and no one is responding. ..." - senia

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