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#4379 - impossible to use on SuiteCRM 7.11.13

Open Bug? created by jobst a year ago

So I am running the latest OpacusActivitySync. This setup works perfectly well on anything 7.10.X (I have a few older version on a snapshot based drives).

As soon as I use 7.11.13 nothing works: - can't see the Opacus Panel (error reported by other people) - httpd logs show HTTP 500 errors as soon as the URL's are accessed - clients cannot connect as the response is "garbage" - the garbage actually seems to be a string (sorry very hard to debug coz of soap as the middle man) - I have tried the URL that need to be provided by clients straight in a browser, it raises 500 errors

Please fix.

  1. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    a year ago


    Can you please update your SuiteCRM to version 7.11.15 and this will fix the issue.

    Kind regards, Nord

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