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#3227 - Sync happens but after a few days it stops syncing

Closed Bug? created by Sunda Verified Purchase 4 years ago

We have 4 users that use the activity sync. 1 user works all the time (Samsung note, Caldav version 0.4.27) and the other 3 (Samsung Edge7, Caldav version 0.4.32) continually stop syncing. Unfortunately, our CEO is one of the people it stops syncing on.

However, these same users stopped syncing on the old set up which is why they upgraded to the new version of Caldav to see if it would work.

It connect fine and performs the sync when you ask it to manually sync, but it does not continue to sync at the set intervals which is causing lots of missed appointments. What do you need to assist us with troubleshooting the issue before they abandon the product? I am the user that it always works on so I don't want it to be removed.

  1. Sunda member avatar

    Sunda Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    Could someone please respond. We also use your email archive application (15 Users) and now the company wants me to find another solution if I can't fix the activity sync.

  2. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    4 years ago

    Please can you check for an update to the android app Caldav Sync?

    • Sunda member avatar

      Sunda Verified Purchase

      4 years ago

      The version the Samsung Edge 7 Users are on is the latest version for CalDav....0.4.32 released on 6/26/2017. They were on an older version and they would not sync properly so we moved them to the new version in hopes we would solve the issue. If the users manually sync, most of the time it works but then it will not continue to sync automatically. Are there any logs to check or other setting you suggest we try? THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE. We really want to continue to use the product.

    • Opacus member avatar

      Opacus Provider

      4 years ago

      Hi, from personal experience we would recommend you try Open Sync for Android as this prompts you to prevent battery saving, which we suspect is what causes the Caldav Sync to fail.

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