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Full CalDAV bi-directional sync for SugarCRM. Use your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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#1901 - Just upgraded from 1.5.6 to 2.0.6, not working anymore

Closed Installation created by jobst Verified Purchase 4 years ago


Using a mix of Androids and Apple devices, never had any problems with SAS.

I had to purchase a new license (old running out) - hence I had to get the latest version of Opacus Acitivties Sync.
License was correctly verified as it shows "valid".

I entered the required URL's for the sync as I have done many times before (noticing too you are now using 'sas.php' instead of just 'sas') , but it keeps telling me "login failed, please check username and password" but I am 100% sure those are correct!

Also the webpage "" has incorrect information as of the latest version.

  1. jobst member avatar

    jobst Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    Here's some debug info that happens when I execute the call
    Thunderbird/Android (Meetings and Tasks): https://DOMAIN_DELETED:443/PATH_DELETED/sas.php/calendars/USERNAME/default
    in a normal browser window.

    Incorrect username

    #0 PATH_DELETED/sas/lib/Sabre/DAV/Auth/Plugin.php(128): Sabre_DAV_Auth_Backend_AbstractDigest->authenticate(Object(Sabre_CalDAV_Server), 'SabreDAV')
    #1 PATH_DELETED/sas/lib/Sabre/DAV/Auth/Plugin.php(79): Sabre_DAV_Auth_Plugin->beforeMethod('GET', 'calendars/xperi...')
    #2 PATH_DELETED/sas/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(404): Sabre_DAV_Auth_Plugin->fireEvent('beforeMethod', Array)
    #3 PATH_DELETED/sas/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(426): Sabre_DAV_Server->broadcastEvent('beforeMethod', Array)
    #4 PATH_DELETED/sas/lib/Sabre/DAV/Server.php(197): Sabre_DAV_Server->invokeMethod('GET', 'calendars/xperi...')
    #5 PATH_DELETED/sas/sas.php(65): Sabre_DAV_Server->execute()
    #6 PATH_DELETED/sas.php(7): require_once(' PATH_DELETED')
    #7 {main}


  2. jobst member avatar

    jobst Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    I have the same problem using Thunderbird/Lightning, this combo used to work.
    Just to check I deleted the calendar and followed the instructions on "" but using my URL, it did not work. I even updated the password to make sure that is correct, it did not work.

  3. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    4 years ago


    Does this happen for all users of the Calendar, or just specific users?

    It could be a case sensitivity issue on the usernames, however your recreation of the Calendar from scratch probably rules that suggestion out.

    Do you have access to the Sugar Database? We might be able to do some diagnostics based on the values in the calendar* tables.

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