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The Opacus Activities Sync allows for a full bi-directional synchronisation between SugarCRM and your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, Outlook and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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The add-on uses the standard CalDAV protocol championed by Apple to provide full bi-directional sync between your chosen device and SugarCRM to synchronize calls, meetings and tasks. If using a mobile device the Opacus Activities Sync will show the contact numbers from your calendar call/meeting, so that you can make the call without having to access your Sugar system.


See the setup guide for information about setting up your device Username is case sensitive!

Mobile & Desktop Devices

The calendar sync extension for SugarCRM allows you to access your Sugar calendar from any device that supports the CALDAV protocol including iPhone & Android* powered devices.

As well as supporting a number of mobile devices the module also has support for PC and MAC based desktops. Access your calendar from Thunderbird, Sunbird or iCal.

Learn more on how to setup on each of these devices.

*using a third party app such as the popular Open Sync

  • "Fantastic Product. The support from Opacus was amazing. Basically for the price I could not think of a single thing that should/could be improved."

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