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#1976 - iCal updating Sugarcrm

Closed General Question created by mverlage 7 years ago

Sugar crm 7.6.1

Sync function is sending content to iCal. iCal is not sending changes back to Sugar.

Can you help me correct.


  1. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    7 years ago

    The synchronisation is not completely synchronous, occasionally iCal will take a short while to sync back to sugar. If the problem persists please let is know your operating system version, thanks.

    • mverlage member avatar


      7 years ago

      iphone 6 Version 9.2.1 (13D15) Sugar 7.6.1 Mac elcapitan

      Additional When trying to change the time of the meeting on the iphone it crashes saying attendees cannot be changed

  2. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    7 years ago


    We are aware of some compatibility issues with the more recent versions of iCal for iOS and Mac OS X and we are working to get these resolved. As soon as we do, we will release a new version of the SAS.

    • mverlage member avatar


      6 years ago

      has a new version been released resolving the reported issues?

    • Opacus member avatar

      Opacus Provider

      5 years ago

      Apologies for the delay. We have a new version now which may solve your problem.

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