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#1898 - Cannot validate to connet

Closed Bug? created by Sunda Verified Purchase 6 years ago

SugarCRM version: 6.5.11 Opacus Activities Sync version: 2.0.6

We just got the trial of the new version to see if it would work but we cannot connect. We use SQL not MySQL for our SugarCRM.

The old version worked with some issues (see Note below) but we cannot get this new version to connect. The error we get on the calendarobjets query **is:
**UTC_TIMESTAMP' is not a recognized built-in function name
. We think this is because UTC_TIMESTAMP doesn't exist in MSSQL. Only MySQL.

Do you have a version that works for MSSQL? This was not an issue in the old version.

NOTE: We previously had Activities Sync version 1.5.9 and we used CalDav with JB workaround to sync on Android phones. The application would sync from crm to phone without issue as well as sync changes made to an event on the phone with the crm. It would not sync from phone to CRM for any appointments created on the phone.


  1. Sunda member avatar

    Sunda Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    Also, when I browse to the URL I am adding to my Phone get a 404 error page.

  2. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    6 years ago

    Hi Sunda,

    We do our best to ensure compatibility with MSSQL by avoiding database specific calls such as UTC_TIMESTAMP, however this one appears to have slipped through. We will get a patch to remedy this issue uploaded as soon as possible.

  3. Sunda member avatar

    Sunda Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    We were unable to wait for a fix so we completed the fix ourselves. To assist in getting this version compatible with MSSQL we had to change the items below. Maybe you could make sure this is accounted for in future versions so we do not have to figure out the issue and fix it. Thanks, hope this helps!

    We use SQL (not MSSQL) and so we had to add code to handle the UTC conversion in the database for SQL vs MSSQL and change the below items (hope this helps you):

    Opacus was throwing errors, and I fixed a couple. The crucial ones were like this one:

    sas/lib/opacus/sugartovcal/SugarObjectToVcalObject.php line ~158 $convertedDateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s.u', $dateTime, new DateTimeZone('UTC'));

    That line (and a few other places and files) calls the method createFromFormat(). That was not working. The content of the variable $dateTime includes a .000 after the seconds. Those are microseconds.

    Well, when you follow this link: You see this quote by a commenter:

    "DateTime does not support split seconds (microseconds or milliseconds etc.) I don't know why this isn't documented.”

    Ok, so DateTime doesn’t accept microseconds Then a better approach than what I did would be to find the place $dateTime was created, and strip off the microseconds. That’d be the “right way”.

    What I did was just add ‘.u’ after Y-m-d H:i:s because DateTime wasn’t even accepting it… because the programmer did not specify microseconds. (even though dateTime discards them).

    So, I searched for every instance of createFromFormat() and replaced the format string to include ‘.u’

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