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#1681 - Error "Status: 80004005"

Closed Bug? created by johanbrady 5 years ago

At least two of our users, when trying to accept calendar invites from external sources via Thunderbird Lightning, have been unable to process the invites. This seems to be an intermittent issue, per the user comments below:

"I was unable to add external event into my CRM calendar. I tried again last night and an individual event that would not save earlier was added to the CRM calendar but another recurring meeting still would not work. (Error message "Processing message failed. Status: 80004005")."

And from another user "I noticed it happened with two meetings this week"

I have a screengrab, but I get an "Error invalid backend response" from the sugaroutfitters system when I try to add an image to the ticket.

  1. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    5 years ago

    The invites attached to emails can originate from a variety of sources and, although we have gone to some lengths to handle the vagaries of each, occasionally attributes of the invite are not handled as expected by the sync mechanism.

    In order to properly diagnose the issue we would need a copy of the .ics file attached to the emailed invite so we could check those attributes. As the contents may be sensitive, please can you email them directly to support AT opacus DOT co DOT uk (along with the screenshot if you wish) and I will respond here for the benefit of all users. Many thanks, Jon.

  2. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    5 years ago

    Thank you for providing the ics files. We have uploaded a new version of the activity sync that addresses the issue. Please install version 2.0.5 over the top of version 2.0.4. I'll close this bug now but please let us know if you have any further issues.

  3. johanbrady member avatar


    5 years ago

    Our previous version, installed in July, was marked as 2.0.6. I've uploaded the new install, but I've not got two instances showing in the Module loader - 2.0.6 installed 14/07 and 2.0.5 installed 05/11. The one installed today is not showing buttons either for uninstall or disable. Help?

  4. johanbrady member avatar


    5 years ago


    I meant I've NOW got
    I didn't mean I've NOT got!

  5. johanbrady member avatar


    5 years ago

    I got round it by removing both versions, then doing a fresh module load of the most recent zip file. I had also received an invite that was causing the problem. On retrying processing of this invite after update of the sync module, all worked OK.

    Thanks for the swift solution guys!

  6. Opacus member avatar

    Opacus Provider

    5 years ago

    Great news that it's all working now. We'll be releasing another update within the next couple of weeks and we'll be emailing users to let them know.

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