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The Opacus Activities Sync allows for a full bi-directional synchronisation between SugarCRM and your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, Outlook and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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#3691 - Recurrent Activities don't syncing in SuiteCRM from Calendar (iOS)

Closed Bug? created by Juan Longas 5 years ago


When doing recurrent activities from Calendar (iOS) to SuitCRM/SugarCRM, only syncs the first one, and not saving the recurrency for all the other activities saved. Current versions for the plugin: 2.0.6

Could you help us? Best Regards,

  1. Opacusjoe member avatar


    5 years ago

    Syncing recurrence into SugarCRM is not currently supported and may result in unexpected behavior.

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