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Ever wanted to generate leads from social media contacts like Facebook® and LinkedIn® directly into SugarCRM?  We have created an extension for your Chrome browser that accomplishes this.  Adding leads to SugarCRM from social media sites is now made super easy. One click captures the contact information from Facebook® or LinkedIn® profiles right into your CRM.

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#4126 Plugin Compatibility with Sugar 8 and above - Hi CRM experts, I want to check, is your plugin compatible with Sugar8 and above? Other than cr Muhammad Fahad Open General Question
#3862 Could not Autheticate - Using Sugar CRM 8, Enterprise. Chrome plugin not authenticating. BradLohoar Open Bug?
#3737 Can not Authenicate - Using Sugar 8, installed extension on Chrome manually? Not in Chrome web store. Will not authe BradLohoar Open Bug?
#3572 chrome will not allow this extension - chrome will not allow this extension- it says tht because it is not in the store, it is disallowed. Toni Open Installation
#3359 Dont want to continue plugin "SugarCRM Social Leads Ninja" - Hi Support, Please discontinue plugin "SugarCRM Social Leads Ninja" for us Regards adrian1 Open General Question
#3004 can't upload the package - Hi there, I've got the error message when I'm trying to upload your package to CRM: "ZIP Er ribasushonaya Open Installation
#2961 Confirm which fields are filled - Hi, Looked at your documentation, but it currently doesn't seem to state which fields are captured Vincent Open General Question

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