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Release the power of QuickBooks Online accounting in your Sugar. RT QuickBooks facilitates and streamlines organizational processes and reduces work load.

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RT QuickBooks is being discontinued effective 16th August 2023. Existing customers will continue to receive active support until 16th February 2024.

The plugin will remain available for purchase, but as an as-is, one-time payment solution, and its use will be at the customer's own discretion. The plugin is compatible with SugarCRM 9 as of its last release.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to maintain the quality of our products and services, we deem this is a necessary step. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact to talk to our representatives.

Simplify your accounting and management needs by integrating RT QuickBooks Online.

Get a panoramic view of the customer with just one integration into your Sugar system. Use RT QuickBooks to generate invoices, manage payrolls, inventory, and sales from your Sugar.

Information Accessibility

Save time on repetitive data entry. Sync existing and new customers and quotes in QuickBooks Online and Sugar at the same time with RT QB Sync. The plugin automatically syncs QuickBooks customers, quotes and products with Sugar Accounts, Quotes and items bi-directionally and keeps the two forums updated.

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Track your sync history with QuickBooks from within Sugar

Track your synchronization history with a log integrated in Sugar called the QuickBooks Logs and QuickBooks Sync Data. Resolve conflicts with the help of error messages found in the QBO log file and track sync status messages. These logs facilitate the users by storing the direction of the sync process and the status message. enter image description here

Sync On-Demand

Immediate sync feature that allows you to sync a record immediately to QuickBooks whenever you want to. This relieves you of having to wait for some scheduler process to go through. Instead, it gives you the power. The Immediate sync can be done at record and module levels. enter image description here

Priority configuration for conflict resolution

Set priority configuration in case of double data entry. Designate either Sugar or QuickBooks as a parent station. If your data has been changed at both ends; the information available on parent station will override the information present at the other end. enter image description here

Assign Teams for the sync processes

You can configure as to which teams should the records be assigned to when those records sync in from QB Online to Sugar. You can assign either Global or custom teams to the synced records. enter image description here


RT QuickBooks is an outstanding connector. This app will save your time, is easy on the pockets and is highly recommended. Get in contact with Rolustech today.

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