by Ambit Software Pvt. Ltd.

Built on SugarCRM’s Sugar Sell, Ambit Software’s Secondary Sales add-on helps sales managers and sales teams better monitor and improve channel/retailer-led growth. Equipped with a powerful mobile front end, the Secondary Sales add-on ensures that the channel is well-stocked, order-taking is efficient, and channel grievances are handled promptly.

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Effective Distribution Management

Ambit’s SugarCRM add-on for Secondary Sales has been designed with the mobile salesperson in mind. This add-on enables CPG enterprises to monitor and enhance the field sales function by providing automation and UI convenience to optimize secondary sales KPI in industries such as: Pharmaceuticals, White Goods, FMCG and CPG.

The key benefits of this Solution are:

  • Increased sale of goods
  • Influence efficient and disciplined sales behavior
  • Better attention to channel satisfaction
  • Improved demand chain insights
  • Further extensible through integrations








Compatible with Sugar versions 12 and up.

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  • Ambit Channel Sales Management - Professional at USD $50 per user per member
  • Ambit Channel Sales Management – Premium at USD $80 per user per member

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