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Over 40,000 customers create, manage and e-Sign docs with ease using PandaDoc. Let the platform manage the entire proposal lifecycle inside SugarCRM with PandaDoc, the top integration for proposals, quoting and contract management.

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Have the Right Data at the Right Time

Create Documents from Templates Without Leaving SugarCRM

PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that are ready to use inside of your SugarCRM account. You can easily customize these templates and add new ones to create a robust library of branded templates for your sales team.

Sign Documents from Any Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

PandaDoc electronic signatures are easy to use and legally binding. Your prospects will be able to view and sign your proposals from anywhere without having to install specialized software.

Know When Prospects View and Sign Proposals with Document Analytics

Advanced document analytics allow sales reps and managers to know when proposals are sent, viewed, and signed.

Use the Document Builder to Create Custom Proposals with Embedded Media

The drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create new documents inside SugarCRM. Reps can embed images, product sheets, and videos right inside their proposals.

Who Utilizes PandaDoc for SugarCRM?

Sales Teams

Make it easy for your sales team to create detailed, accurate proposals using approved templates and content items.

Sales Reps

Help your sales reps to spend more time selling by improving sales and marketing automation workflows with the SugarCRM integration.

Marketing Managers

Provide your marketing managers the right place for marketing collateral that can be used by sales teams to impress prospects.

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Real-time tracking and updates in SugarCRM

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Auto-fill documents with client details saved in SugarCRM


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Notes & Compatibility

The PandaDoc extension supports SugarCRM version 12.0 and will continue to work with older version from 8.0 onwards.

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