by Technology Coast Partners, LLC dba TCP

Give your SugarCRM users seamless access in real time to any data in your Epicor ERP. Arm your Sales and Customer Service teams with the information they need to provide a high-definition customer experience.

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Unmatched Access and User Experience

This integration is designed as a cloud service to provide CRM and ERP users seamless access of information between the two platforms. Arm your Sales and Customer service reps with the information they need from either application. For example, give your sales rep visibility into the shop floor from SugarCRM. Synchronize Account to Customers, Contacts, Parts to Product Catalog, Opportunities to Sales Orders and Quotes to Sales Orders. With TCP´s Engineering technology you can create Epicor BAQs (Business Activity Queries) and invoke them from your SugarCRM platform via a newly created Kinetic Dashlet.

Breakdown Boundaries

The Epicor-SugarCRM Integration by TCP is delivered to you as a subscription service. In our user portal you will configure all your integration setting and connectivity between SugarCRM and EPICOR. You can enable different workflows such as Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, and Products to synchronize. And while some physical data transfer is required, the architecture of the solution is designed to reduce that flow of data to the bare minimum while at the same time allowing the user to visualize any information that resides in Epicor from SugarCRM in real time. Virtually breaking down the boundaries between platforms.



Features & Benefits

The integration includes the following workflows:

  • SugarCRM Account to Epicor Customer
  • SugarCRM Contact to Epicor Contact
  • SugarCRM Opportunity to Epicor Sales Order
  • SugarCRM Quote to Epicor Sales Order
  • Epicor Customer to SugarCRM Account
  • Epicor Contact to SugarCRM Contact
  • Epicor Part to SugarCRM Product Catalog
  • Epicor Quote to SugarCRM Quote

The base module includes the Kinetic BAQ Dashlet that will allow the user to invoke Epicor BAQs from SugarCRM.

The customer has complete control without programming of what data elements are shared between SugarCRM and Epicor.

Launch Epicor’s trackers from inside of SugarCRM. Elevate your customer experience.

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  • Compatible with all supported versions of Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise
  • Epicor version 10.2.500 or newer.
  • The Epicor API must be exposed and accessible from the internet.
  • Works for Epicor Cloud or on-premise.

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