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Improve your CRM data quality by identifying duplicate Leads that already exist in Sugar. Customize the level of detection to your needs.

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What Does It Do?

This new dashlet for the Leads module will instantly present information to your agents if there is a match on any of the phone numbers, contact's name, email address or company name. It provides useful links to the records found.

It saves valuable time searching Sugar to see if this lead had previously made enquiries, or was already a Contact.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

SugarCRM best practices suggest that once a Lead is picked up by a sales professional, they should manually search the CRM database to see if that person, or others from that company already exist in the CRM.

Because they rarely do this, people respond to Leads unaware that there's a possibility of previous enquiries or even long-term customers. This dashlet solves this problem.

Configure The Settings

We provide you with the power to adjust some of the settings to configure the dashlet to how you work. You can choose which modules will be searched for duplicates (Leads, Contacts & Accounts).

You can adjust the labels in the dashlet from "Warning" to "Caution" when matches are found to give your users more context. Where a match is found, you can decide to show "Warning", "Caution" or "Do not use" on a contact name match, email match, telephone number match or Account name match.

Why Should You Buy the Duplicate Lead Detective?

If you use the Leads module, the Duplicate Lead Detective will be a valued companion. It eliminates the guessing game. Adds clarity for your sales professionals and saves time manually searching your CRM for potential matches.

Supported Sugar Versions

- Supports Sugar Sell
- Supports Sugar Serve
- Supports Sugar Enterprise
- Works on versions 13.0.0 and above

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You can contact us at for instant support or any queries you may have. Or, create a case/question via Sugaroutfitters.

To learn more about Sugabyte and other SugarCRM services we offer, please visit the Sugabyte website.

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