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Click less, sell more. Accelerate quote-to-close times with Mobileforce CPQ for SugarCRM. Eliminate manual sales quoting processes and spend more time selling.

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Accelerate Quote-to-Close Times with Mobileforce CPQ for SugarCRM

Mobileforce CX CPQ is a SugarCRM sales quote-to-cash solution that is loaded with powerful features to help sales teams automate manual quote processes and reach their quotas faster. Simply plug in your products & pricing details, configure business rules, and start quoting and closing right from Sugar Sell.

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Why Mobileforce CX CPQ?

  • Designed for teams with a lot of sales reps or sales quotes or for companies with multi-tiered pricing or multiple sales motions
  • Ready-to-use, customizable document layouts and templates to quickly create polished proposals
  • Streamlined workflows to configure products & prices, generate proposals, send to customers, and save to SugarCRM, all in just minutes
  • Instant quote validation and auto-correct
  • Intelligent approval rules and routing to speed quote processes
  • Support for multiple product configuration scenarios, dependencies, pricing, and discounting combinations



Intelligent Quoting and Proposal Engine

  • Easily create customized quotes and proposals for each sales instance.
  • Intelligent wizard instantly auto-populates quotes based on customer or project similarity including discounts and promotions

Automated Proposal Generation

  • Sales and Service personnel can easily generate a single-page quote covering multiple products and services, or a multi-page proposal with attachments
  • Document templates with custom branding and marketing elements can be uploaded to be selectively used in proposal generation

Seamless Integration with SugarCRM and Other Popular Business Applications

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with SugarCRM, ERPs, collaboration apps, storage apps and more
  • Automatically fetch account, opportunity, contact, and product catalog information from SugarCRM, and inventory, and delivery estimates from back-office systems in real time while quoting
  • Quotes and proposals can be automatically sent to the customer and seamlessly saved back to SugarCRM
  • Built-in eSignature + integrations with DocuSign and other popular eSignature solutions

Flexible Cross-Sell, Upsell Workflows

  • Prompts the user to add relevant features, products, and services in real-time. Supports configurable products
  • Recommendation and validation engine ensures correct products and services are added

Intelligent Product, Pricing & Approval Rules

  • Product and pricing dependency rules guarantee the validity of quotes
  • Configurable approval rules for automatically approving certain discounts or routing it to appropriate individuals for approval

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