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Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar. This add-on gives Sugar administrators the ability to easily and quickly deploy dashboard templates to one or multiple users.

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PDF Version

A full PDF installation and user guide is available for download for SynoDashboardTemplates in either English or French.


Sugar offers a high level of customization of the user interface. These include Dashboards in Home page and the Intelligence Pane.

However, this customization must be done by users, which in some cases may pose some difficulties:

  • I cannot create my own dashboards
  • How can I identify the correct positioning information ?
  • Why do not I have the same dashboards as my colleagues ?

All these issues can be addressed through SynoDashboardTemplate add-on. This enables the creation and deployment of dashboard templates (home page and intelligence pane) for one or more users.

Main use cases for Dashboard Manager :

  • During the setup of your CRM project to massively configure the dashboard of all of your users
  • Every time you on-board a new user on your CRM application to provide him the best first time user experience and deploy the already approved template for his team
  • When your company grows or when you add new teams on your CRM application, for example you start with your Sales team and after some months your support team joins the CRM. At this time you can easily create the appropriate dashboard template and push it to the users of this new team.

How to use Dashboard Template Deployer for Sugar


In order to install and use the SynoDashboardTemplates module you must have access to an original version of SugarCRM installed on a server with full administration rights. Your SugarCRM must be standard and the original source code must be preserved. Customizations made via Studio are supported.

This module is compatible with all SugarCRM 7.2.+ and flavors : Professional and Entreprise.

SYNOLIA can not be held responsible in any way for the use you make of SynoDashboardTemplates Module.


SynoDashboardTemplates has to be installed using the << Module loader >> Right after installation you will be redirected to a Repair & Rebuild. Once that finishes execute the generated SQL. Read the full PDF installation and user guide to check all steps about the installation.

How to use the add-on

Read the full PDF installation and user guide to check all steps about the utilization of the add-on

Finding the Dashboard Manager

You will find the Dashboard Manager on the Admin page under the Synolia menu group.


Set up a template

On the new "Dashboard Templates" module, you can click on "Create" button to add a new template. On this screen you can fill in a name and a description.

dashboard_manager_2.jpg Templates are based off of a given user's dashboard. When you set up a template you will then pick a user to "load" the template. Then you can take that template and apply it to any number of other users.

Loading a template with data

At this time you have a new template however it doesn’t contain any data. To load data in this template, you have to click on the button "Load dashboard data".


After the selection of one user, all dashboards of this user are copied to the current template. This includes all the dashboards, dashlets and filters linked to these dashlets for all the standard and custom modules present in SugarCRM. The checkbox « Is data loaded? » gives you a way to check if the template already contains data. Each time you use the button « Load dashboard data » it clears the template of all previous data loaded and load the template with the dashboards of the selected user.

NOTE: If the slide down drawer is blank then that means that no one has yet gone to their Home and created a dashboard. Go to the Home page, click on Create, and set up as desired. Then come back to this point.

Deploying a template

When a template contains some data, you can deploy this template to one or multiple users. To do that, you have to click on the button Deploy the current template.


At this time a drawer appears with all users and you can select one or more users. A filter option is available allowing you to filter users by their role. For this option to function properly your scheduler tasks must be active. For reasons of security and application integrity, you can select a maximum of 150 users at one time for deployment.



ATTENTION, all previous dashboards set for these users will be replaced with the dashboards saved in the current template.

NOTE: If the slide down drawer is blank then that means that no one other than your user has a saved dashboard on their Home page. You will need to have another user go to their Home page, click on Create, and set up as desired. Then come back to this point. Note: If the current user is selected, a backup, of his current dashboards configuration, is automatically created before the deployment of the template on his profile. This provides a way for this user to roll back the deployment on his profile. Note: The filters linked to the dashboards are saved in the template and are they deployed on the user dashboards.

History of deployment

Each time you make a deployment, a new line will appear in the subpanel “Dashboard Template deployment history”. That provides you a way to see when you deployed the template on which users.



The SynoDashboardTemplates module can be uninstalled using the << Module loader >> in the Admin section. Simply click on the << Uninstall >> button. Read the full PDF installation and user guide to check all steps about the uninstall process.


SYNOLIA has deep expertise with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that enables us to help businesses, according to specific needs, building the best of breed solution.

  • First historical Worldwide Partner
  • Recognized developer and Elite partner of SugarCRM
  • Unique Elite Partner in France in 2019

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SYNOLIA provides support and services to customers in order to define or deploy projects with SugarCRM. Synolia is based in Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux & Grand-Ouest, FRANCE.

For further information, call +33 (0) 4 27 70 53 70 or visit

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