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The CleverReach Integration for Sugar solves major challenges for marketing employees by reducing many tedious manual processes steps. The add-on enhances collaboration between sales and marketing and helps you to prevent possible data privacy compliance issues.

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When two different tools are used for email marketing and CRM, important information often falls by the wayside, such as which newsletters or other marketing emails a particular contact has received. Or whether recipients have even opened email(s) and clicked on a link.

And instead of importing Excel lists of contacts from or into CleverReach®, which may not be up to date, Sugar checks contacts for various criteria during data exchange and adds missing information.

Sales, marketing and service thus have all the important information at their fingertips, even when it comes to email marketing. This and much more is now possible with our CleverReach integration for Sugar.

The integration allows:

  • Synchronize contact lists in Sugar and CleverReach®
  • Update contact information (e.g. changes to e-mail address, last name, etc.)
  • Map fields (important information is not lost)
  • Support for the flat rate option
  • See CleverReach® campaign statistics in Sugar too (and much more)
  • History and evaluations for each individual contact
  • Synchronize unsubscribes and bounces

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Contact list synchronization

Recipients can be exported from a Sugar contact list to a CleverReach® group - and vice versa: groups from CleverReach® can be imported and synchronized in Sugar. In addition, the flat rate tariff is supported, where only one group from CleverReach® is synchronized at a time and all segmentations are transferred as tags.


Update contact information

With the CleverReach® integration for Sugar, recipient data is synchronized:

  • Fields such as salutation, first names, last names and custom fields
  • Newsletter and form subscriptions
  • Unsubscribes and bounces
  • Changes to email addresses

![feld-mapping-1.png]( "feld-mapping-1.png")

Field mapping

With the field mapping editor, CRM and CleverReach® fields can be easily and conveniently mapped for smooth data exchange. Information such as salutation, academic title, first and last name or fields such as customer number or address are transferred from the CRM system to CleverReach®. In this way, the data is always up to date.

![statistik-1.png]( "statistik-1.png")

View campaign statistics in Sugar

Thanks to the integration, CleverReach® campaigns can be imported quickly and easily and synchronized from that moment on. They are then available in Sugar, including extended analysis options. This means that all important campaign statistics and the email template used are displayed in Sugar (including at recipient level) and can be further analyzed in Sugar's reports module.

![dashlet-statistik-1.png]( "dashlet-statistik-1.png")

Evaluations for each individual contact

Statistics dashlet for Sugar shows the open, click and conversion rate of a contact directly in Sugar. In the "Campaign Log" in the Contact or Prospects modules, you can also see the history of the campaign (email opened or which link was clicked, etc.).

![oauth-1.png]( "oauth-1.png")

Synchronization & OAuth

We support the latest REST v3 interface from CleverReach® and OAuth. By using the latest CleverReach® API, the data (contact lists, recipient information) is sent from Sugar to CleverReach® in real time. Time-controlled synchronization ensures that the campaign information is always up-to-date.


Pricing starts at €1490 per year.

Free Consultation

You will first receive a free consultation and a demo. Then we help you setup up a trial. This way, you can be sure that the integration does exactly what you want.

About CleverReach®

With more than 240,000 customers, e.g. Spotify, Carglass, TESA, DHL and REWE, CleverReach® is a solution provider for email marketing in 152 countries. CleverReach® was founded in Germany in 2007 and meets the highest data protection standards.

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